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Review: "The Scent Of New Death" by Mike Monson

One simply can’t judge a book by the cover. That is certainly the case here with a picturesque cover that conceals an intensely brutal novella that has, among other elements, incest, bondage, rough sex, and plenty of violence and bloodbaths on nearly every page. Overall, this read is a good one featuring a large cast of characters, a number of backstories for each one, and multiple intense storylines. However, readers are warned that The Scent Of New Death by Mike Monson is…


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Anna Pigeon is back in "Destroyer Angel" by Nevada Barr

It was supposed to be a simple and relaxing float trip for National Park Service Ranger Anna Pigeon and friends. Heath Jarod and her daughter, Elizabeth, will be along as will Leah and her daughter, Katie. Both the girls are teens and have little in common. The Fox River in Northern Minnesota is the destination. The trip is to serves as a much needed break for Anna as well as a way to test various methods and equipment for paraplegics to access the wildness. For Heath the trip is another…


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Review: "Wrecked" by Tricia Fields

The series that began with the award winning, The Territory, and continued in Scratchgravel Road, continues in the recently released Wrecked. While this novel could be read as a standalone, because of the numerous references to the two prior books scattered throughout this novel, readers who have read the earlier works will appreciate this one more. Some of those references are clear spoilers for the prior books.


Deep in…


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Review: "The Contractors" by Harry Hunsicker

Anyone who has read the Lee Henry Oswald series by Harry Hunsicker knows that the author does not write the Dallas Chamber of Commerce ad copy type of books. The Dallas streets in his books are not of glitter and not necessarily always mean. Instead, these streets are broken dreams, cracked asphalt and the five dollar whore on the corner who might be turning tricks to feed the child she will soon lose to the state. These are streets where nobody cares because everybody has a…


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Review: "Lion Plays Rough: A Leo Maxwell Mystery" by Lachlan Smith

Teddy Maxwell had been the best criminal defense lawyer in town though he certainly wasn’t the most ethical. A gunshot to the head took him down and pretty much stopped his legal career. These days while he does show up at the office, he has a hard time with memory issues and various cognitive problems. It’s been two and a half years since that day and Leo Maxwell still hopes that someday his brother might live on his own.


In the meantime Leo has a major trial coming up with…


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