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FFB Review: "Private Heat" by Robert Bailey

It is Friday and that means it is time again for Friday’s Forgotten Books hosted by Patti Abbott. For those left behind tomorrow and it very well could be everybody if that pastor is wrong again, Barry Ergang will be in this slot next week. And remember, there is still time until Sunday night at midnight to enter the GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN contest.  On to the book for this week…….



In this debut novel of a new series, the author has created a multi-faceted…


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Book Review: "THE HONEST DEALER" by Frank Gruber (reviewed by Barry Ergang)

Barry Ergang reviewed THE HONEST DEALER by Frank Gruber yesterday on my blog once blogger got back up and running. With his permission, I am posting the entire review here and not just the link as I usually do.



THE HONEST DEALER (1947) by Frank Gruber

Reviewed by Barry Ergang


There must be something about people named Fletcher that attracts them to murders or murders to them. Anyone who has ever seen…


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Reviewing: "The Killing Storm" by Kathryn Casey

Kids always have been a key part of this series featuring Texas Ranger and Criminal Profiler Sarah Armstrong written by former true crime writer Kathryn Casey. The same is true from the first page despite the fact that the initial focus is about how the summer heat has lingered on deep into October, Hurricane Juanita is stalled out in the gulf, and somebody has killed a very expensive bull on a ranch outside of Houston in order to send a message.


With a vulture perched above…


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Book Review: "And Every Man Has To Die" by Frank Zafiro

Possibly the most complicated and hard hitting novel in the series, “And Every Man Has To Die” currently scheduled for May release is the fourth book in the River City series. A series that began with “Under A Raging Moon” moved into “Heroes Often Fail” and last year’s release “Beneath A Weeping Sky” has provided lots of action, crime, drama and occasional romance through the lives of the men and women of the River City Police Department in eastern Washington State. While the novels and…


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