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Review: "Cold In July" by Joe R. Lansdale

Crime just doesn't happen in the small east Texas town of LaBorde. It certainly doesn't happen to respectable people like Richard Dane and his family. Until that July night, Richard's toughest job was dealing with his young toddler son and his penchant for always spilling his milk. Then, that one night, he killed a man and everything changed.


Not that he had a choice. Not when his family, Ann and their four year old son Jordan, were at stake. Not when somebody had broken into…


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Review: "Party Doll" by Steve Brewer

Elmo “Slick” Gurken has a job so private investigator Bubba Mabry had to go over to the Pink Pony Gentlemen's Club. Every city has that kind of joint that is always in the news thanks to zoning battles and crime reports. For Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Pink Pony is that kind of place. Considering the bouncers made him pay the ten dollar cover charge to get in the building the job had better be a good one.


The natural redhead and top performer “Joy Forever” is missing and…


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Review: "Providence Rag: A Liam Mulligan Novel" by Bruce DeSilva

Liam Mulligan, investigative reporter for The Providence Dispatch newspaper has come a long way since June 1992. Back then he was a young reporter working the sports beat who, by the luck of the draw and the fact that no one else was available, was forced into helping cover from the start one of the worst murder cases in the history of Rhode Island. A case that ultimately resulted in the very justified conviction of a killer who is definitively going to kill again if he ever gets…


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Review: "The Axeman Of Storyville (Edward Grainger's Cash Laramie And Gideon Miles Series)" by Heath Lowrance

It is 1921 and former U.S. Marshall Gideon Miles is far from the Wyoming Territory and his old job. Miles is 67 now and these days he and his wife Violet run a jazz club in New Orleans. The “VioMiles Club” opened on Royal Street just a few months ago and business is good except for all the paperwork involved. Miles had quite a colorful career before retiring in 1910 and had done himself and the job proud. But, that was then and this is now and the paperwork hurts him more than anything the…


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Review: "Beat On The Brat (and other stories) by Nigel Bird

The collection opens with the signature story “Beat On The Brat” where Stevie Boyle makes balloon animals for the kids. These days he is far from his days of playing for the New York Yankees, but he can bring some joy to the neighborhood kids by making anything they want with the balloons. But he can't change their reality or his own. As the story shifts in point of view through various characters readers learn quite a lot about life and justice in this award winning story.…


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Review: "Miles To Little Ridge" by Heath Lowrance

It was just a strange twist of fate that bought U.S. Marshall Gideon Miles to Little Ridge. He is looking for Edward Gandy who is wanted for bank robbery in two states. According to the local Sheriff from what little Miles could get out of him, Gandy has been a farmer in the area for the past three years, has a daughter, and is a good guy. The idea that Gandy could have ever done bank robbery is unthinkable to the Sheriff.…


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Review: "Fast Track" by Bill Crider and Ed Gorman

Agent Dev Mallory was supposed to get off the train in Corvair, California. He would have too if he hadn't been drugged and slept through the train stop. He also had with him a young female Secret Service agent named Tess O’Neill who was also supposed to get off the train with him in Corvair. Now, as the train approaches Rock Creek and the fog lifts from his mind, Mallory realizes she is missing. According to the conductor she appeared to be ill and was escorted off the train by two unknown…


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Review: "The Posthumous Man" by Jake Hinkson

Things often don’t go as planned. Elliot Stilling had planned out his suicide and it should have worked. As far as he is concerned as this novella from author Jake Hinkson opens, it is exceedingly unfortunate that he didn’t stay dead. He had been dead for about three minutes when the emergency room staff at a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas screwed up everything and brought him back to life.


The only thing he really remembers is seeing a black star tattooed on the wrist of…


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Review: "Every Hidden Fear: A Skeet Bannion Mystery" by Linda Rodriguez

Following Every Last Secret and Every Broken Trust Chief of Campus Police Skeet Bannion is back in Every Hidden Fear.  Secrets have a way of coming back home to roost and that certainly is the case with the return of Ash Mowbray.


Back in the day he had been what would now be termed “a troubled teen.” Unfortunately for many of the residents of Brewster, Missouri the return of Ash means huge problems. Secrets long thought buried in the…


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Review: "Sentinel's Choice: by Michael E. Witzgall

It is a cold February night in Dallas, Texas and the body of Father Robert Lanton has been found on Jefferson Street near I-35. Homicide Detective Renee LaFleet and his partner Danny “Tex” Beers have been assigned to the case because of Assistant Police Chief Harold “Harry” Wong. Wong is not only very good at his job; he is tough on the officers below him. Chief of Police Chief William Smyth III wants the case solved fast and though the body has just been found in the last hour he is…


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