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BSP Sample Sunday: "BURNING QUESTIONS" in "Mind Slices" collection

I rarely promote my own stuff, but today I am making an exception for my story BURNING QUESTIONS. "Honorable Mention"  winner in the 2007 Mysterical-E "Skeletons In The Closet" contest it is one of those deals that blends a mystery with a science fiction element. You can read the excerpt here and I hope …


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Review: "A Scourge Of Vipers: A Mulligan Novel" by Bruce DeSilva

The newspaper The Providence Dispatch is barely hanging on by a thread. A shadow of its former self pretty much in name only it is now owned by a media conglomerate known to all as “General Communications Holdings International” or GCHI. A media conglomerate bent on wringing out every last penny as the bottom line drives everything. Investigative reporter Liam Mulligan is quite possibly the last dinosaur as he is hanging on to his job by a thread. It has been a long time since the…


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Review: "Endangered" by C. J. Box

Life can be fleeting in the mountains of Wyoming and Game Warden Joe Pickett knows that all too well. Humans also have an amazing ability to be incredibly cruel. The most recent example is scattered on the ground around him on an otherwise beautiful mid-March day. Everywhere he looks he sees feathers, blood, shells, and the bodies of at least 21 dead sage grouse. Nearby a few wounded survivors who will not last much longer move around. Known to many as “Prairie Chickens” these helpless birds…


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Review: "13 Shots Of Noir" by Paul D. Brazill

As noted in the subtitle of 13 Shots of Noir the e-book contains 13 short, sharp stories of booze, bullets and bodies. The read fully delivers on those aspects and plenty more. This collection of dark tales by Paul D. Brazill opens with “The Tut.” While comparisons to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart are obvious, Oliver Robinson has his own particular version of the nightmare in his west London home. So much so he killed his wife, Gloria, just…


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Review: "The Alabaster Skinned Mule: A Noah Milano Novelette" by Jochem Vandersteen

The young lady in security specialist Noah Milano’s office is very thin with blonde hair. In her early twenties and very pretty, Noah considers the fact that she could be an acrobat. The alabaster skinned beauty’s name is Wendy Schultz and she has a big problem that is far more down to earth.…


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Review: "The Fourth Victim" by Tony Spinosa (aka Reed Farrel Coleman)

It is early January 2005 as The Fourth Victim, a sequel to Hose Monkey, begins. It has been a few months since those events and ex NYPD detectives Joe Serpe and Bob Healy are both still working in the home heating oil business in the New York City area. Their plan is to take some of the profits each week and set that aside. Hopefully, in two years they will have enough to get out of the oil business they both pretty much hate for various reasons and buy a bar…


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Review: "Hellboound" by Chester Campbell

The man known to others as Bryce Scott isn’t thrilled about taking the “Lovely Lane Sliver Shadows” bus trip to New Orleans. The possibility of a hurricane that is currently in the West Indies arriving at New Orleans isn’t what concerns him. Not only is he doing to be forced to spend time with other people from a local area church  and talk to them, he is going to be forced into dealing with the very real possibility his cover has been blown.…


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