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Book Review: "Organized To Death" by Jan Christensen

Life was supposed to be less stressful and a bit simpler in the fall of 2007 when Tina Shaw came back home to Newport, Rhode Island. Having given up her psychology practice at age 29 in favor of a new profession as a professional organizer, life should be less stressful with her new career as her clients should not die. Her first job should also be easy, all things considered, as she will be working with a client, Rachel, whom she has known since they both were kids. Rachel obviously…


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Book Review: "Keller's Therapy" by Lawrence Block

Don’t let the strange cover of this one turn you away from a good read. Unlike the covers of the other short story e-books by Lawrence Block that I have read, this cover featuring two dogs with one on the couch and the other one standing makes absolutely no sense to this reader. Of course, when you are Lawrence Block, covers probably don’t matter at all.


Keller is in therapy as this one opens relating a dream he says he had to Dr. Jerrold Breen. The dream may mean…


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Book Review: "Every Broken Trust: A Mystery" by Linda Rodriguez

“’Just remember. No criminal has the power those with wealth and political clout have. The ultra criminals use politics to thrive unmolested.’” ( Page 231)


If chief of campus police Skeet Bannion liked politics she could have stayed with the Kansas City Police Department where she just might have been their first female police chief. Instead, she bailed out on the politics and more when she left for the calmer setting of nearby Chouteau University. At least that was…


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Book Review: "Silken Prey: A Novel" by John Sandford

Politics is seen by many as a life and death situation. In the latest in the Lucas Davenport series from author John Sandford, Silken Prey: A Novel, it is literally true as a political operative by the name of Tubbs is dead. Tubbs occasionally was a fixer, sometimes a bagman, and sometimes he did dirty tricks projects. Now he is missing and presumed dead by Lucas Davenport.


Not that Lucas knows about Tubbs initially when gets the call from Governor Henderson.…


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Book Review: "Robert B. Parker's Wonderland" by Ace Atkins

Henry Cimoli has known Hawk and Spenser for years. He has never once asked for a favor and certainly wouldn't now if he wasn't being squeezed. He might have even tolerated being squeezed a little bit, but, when three thugs showed up at his fourth floor condo things got serious. The thugs threatened to throw him out his own window if he didn’t shut up about not wanting to move. Somebody wants to buy the condo building for a project and hired thugs are now visiting the mostly elderly holdouts…


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Book Review: "Scratchgravel Road: A Mystery" by Tricia Fields

“Given the right set of circumstances I think we're all capable of doing bad.” (Page 289)


The right set of circumstances has come together in this second novel from author Tricia Fields following last year's powerful debut The Territory. In fact, “the right set of circumstances” happens over and over again in a variety of ways resulting in numerous life and death situations as well as plenty of good old fashioned luck. In fact, it happens so often at…


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