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Review: "The Interloper" By Dave Zeltserman

Dan Willis is a well paid and well trained assassin for the United States government. At least that part seems to be true as this complex thriller starts. He believes he is working for a super secret part of the United States government, Homeland Protection, on missions to take out insurgents living in this country. Sleeper style agents working for the enemy and plotting horrendous acts against targets inside the United States. Having done three tours with the army including being part of…


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Review News

After reviewing THE INTERLOPER by Dave Zeltserman yesterday, today I am reviewing DANGEROUS WOMEN AND DESPERATE MEN: FOUR SHORT STORIES OF PEOPLE ON THE BRINK by Rick Mofina. My reviews are always spoiler free so I hope you come by the blog and take a look.

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Review: "The Eternal-A Short Story" by George Wier

Nellie Wertz is seeing yet another winter set in on her East Texas farm. Being 107 means she has seen quite a few winters and she isn't about to stop now. While outliving three husbands was okay, she hates the fact she has outlived four of her five children. And while she often dreams of her own passing, she is very much alive and that means it is time to pay her respects to the recently departed Emily Cook.


To do so she will walk with her cane the two miles or so into town…


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Review: "Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot" by Ace Atkins

The latest read in the series now being penned by Ace Atkins has a distinct ripped-from-the-headlines feel to it. Late August and New England Patriots star linebacker Kinjo Heywood has summoned Spenser to his mansion in Chestnut Hill to discuss a problem. Kinjo believes he is being followed by a group of guys and wants it stopped. He also wants to know why they are doing it as he firmly believes the way they acted is not something regular fans would do. Of course, it could all just be Kinjo…


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Review: "Any Other Name: A Longmire Mystery" by Craig Johnson

It is coming up on the end of the year and Sheriff Walt Longmire should be far from home in Philadelphia. His daughter, Cady, is about to have her first child and she needs her father at her side. He is also needed in Wyoming as his old boss Lucian Connally has asked for his help.


Lucian, the former sheriff of Absaroka County, has asked Walt to go over with him to neighboring Campbell County, specifically the town of Gilette.  Known for the coal trains that roar through the…


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Review: "Wide Spot In The Road" by Wayne D. Dundee

If the drifter detective, Jack Laramie, had blinked he might have missed the small “chili” sign in the window of Frenchy's as he passed by. After all there was only one vehicle in the parking lot and the place itself wasn't much to look at. Neither was anything around it at this wide spot in the road where an unpaved county road crossed the little used state highway. Just another wide spot in the road with this one located somewhere in the Texas panhandle. No reason to stop other than…


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Review: "Knife Fight: An Alex Stone Short Story" by Joel Goldman

For Travis Runnels every single day is a knife fight. Being in jail is just an occupational hazard for him. It is a public defender like Alex Stone who Travis is going to have to rely on to get him out of a death penalty murder case. The fact that she is a Jew and lesbian doesn't impress him any more than the fact he is an African-American impresses her.…


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Review: "The Splintered Paddle: An Ava Rome Mystery" by Mark Troy

Private Investigator Ava Rome has no idea in the beginning that she is being hunted. She has no idea at all a man from her distant past is in the islands watching her every move. Fantasizing over and over again what he is going to do to her once he finally gets her alone. His name is Norman Traxler and he is coming for her--- after he eliminates whatever she cares about a chess piece at a time.…


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