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Blog Guest --Author EARL STAGGS

As June draws to a close it is time once again for the latest “History’s Rich With Mysteries” column by Texas author Earl Staggs. This time he looks at the case of Alice Crimmons which happened long before the kind of coverage such a situation would bring about these days.…


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Monday With Kaye for June 27, 2016

This final Monday in June Kaye George reviews The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley.…


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My Blog Guest Today

Please welcome author Kate Flora to the blog today as she talks about “Branding, Platform Building, and the Call of Story.”



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Review: "Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn: A Spenser Novel" by Ace Atkins

Jack McGee is a Boston firefighter. He is sure the fire in an Old Catholic church a year ago that killed three firefighters was arson, but they can’t prove it wasn’t either. McGee is sure that the church fire was arson. He is also sure the recent fires around town are the work of the same arsonist.…


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Review: "Diesel Therapy (Selena Book 2)" by Greg Barth

Diesel Therapy is the second in the Selena series and opens with Selena in prison. U.S. attorney Albert Harding as well as assistant U. S. attorney Scott Howard think she knows things and will talk if given the  right incentive. They want her to talk about Pete Malucci to help build…


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Review: "Sweet Smells" by Jed Power

In the off season the summer resort area is pretty much closed. That does not mean there is not activity going on. There is a lot of activity going on behind the doors of the old and decaying houses. The house on Ashworth Avenue might be the worst of the bunch. The shotgun is going to help protect him from those…


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Review: "Survivors Will Be Shot Again: A Dan Rhodes Mystery" by Bill Crider

A routine stop at the local Pak-A-Sak convenience store interferes with a rare afternoon off for Sheriff Dan Rhodes because he has to stop an armed robbery. With Rayford Loomis in custody and transported by Buddy off to jail, Sheriff Rhodes will follow behind to take the weapon to the evidence room and do …


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