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Review: "Robert B. Parker’s Kickback: A Spenser Novel" by Ace Atkins

If you are a teen and run afoul of the law in Blackburn, Massachusetts, you are going to experience some bad times out on a rock out in the harbor. According to Sheila Gates, who comes to Spenser on the recommendation of Rita Fiore, her son Dillion Yates was put out there by a local judge. Making a fake twitter account for his vice principal and making some smart aleck tweets got him charged with terrorism, stalking, and making threats against an administrator.…


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Review: "No Dead Body in Sight: A Noah Milano Short Story" by Jochem Vandersteen

The elderly Ms. Albert is not being taken seriously by the police or anyone else because she claims to have found a dead body. She is sure the body was of a dead man, and that he had been shot in the stomach. Unfortunately, by the time she left the beach and returned with the police, the body was gone with no sign of anything. She wants Noah to find out what happened to the body.…


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Review: "The Devil’s Footprints: A Hunter Kincaid Short Story Billy Kring"

Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid has never seen anything like the tracks she is seeing in the Big Bend area of Texas as this short story opens. The tracks are fist sized and don’t show any signs of toes, claws, or anything human or animal. Round and fist sized the tracks are uniformly spaced and show no signs of hesitation or adjusting to the terrain. Whatever it was came across the river and relentlessly marched through and just kept going.…


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Review: "Muddy Waters" by BJ Bourg

The body in the marsh has begun to decompose thanks to the August heat and nature taking its predictable course. The body also matches the description of a missing woman provided by a “Joey Coleman” who filed a report a few days ago. For Detective Rick Patterson and Detective Brandon Wolfe their job to figure out what happened to Mrs. Coleman has just begun.…


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Review: "I Am A Roving Gambler: Two Stories Of The West" by Bill Crider

I Am A Roving Gambler: Two Stories Of The West by Bill Crider features two previously published in the late 90s western short stories. Each tale also features a hero that is, in fact, a roving gambler who will also solve a mystery. A hero that found the intoxicating allure of gambling despite the presence of a preacher father who did a fiery sermon in a booming voice as he rode the circuit in the old west.…


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Review: "The Precipice: A Novel" by Paul Doiron

The area known as the “Hundred Mile Wilderness” is some of the most remote land, not just in Maine, but along the entire Appalachian Trail system. Two young women, recent graduates from Pentecost University, who were hiking the entire trail have failed to check in with their families as expected. Hikers that have been hiking the entire system in a trek up from Georgia and were experienced by this point on the trail as well as known to check in on a regular basis. It is September and it has…


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Review: "Shadow In The Pines" by PJ Nunn

Dani Jones left a broken marriage and more behind when she moved to Tyler, Texas. Her new home is a two story log cabin nestled in the woods of East Texas. Not only is she many miles away from the Austin neighborhood and her jerk of a husband, she is finally pursing her dreams starting with grad school at the University of Texas at Tyler.…


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Review: "Gator Kill: A Truman Smith Mystery" by Bill Crider

After the events in Dead on the Island private investigator Truman Smith has not been doing much of any investigating. Instead, he has been primarily house painting over on Galveston Island. He is aware that hiding away on the island painting a house here and there does little more than earn him some bucks and passes the time. So, when Fred Benton called and asked him to come about a dead alligator Truman was interested inspite of himself.…


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