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Review: "A Werewolf Named Wayne" by Bill Crider

Readers who have read A Vampire Named Fred are well aware that Hermie and Al helped Fred and his assistant, Carl, with a couple of issues. While Kermit felt it wasn’t easy being green, being a vampire in these times of extreme prejudice caused by bogus Hollywood movies isn’t easy. Not to mention the fact that cats don’t like vampires and will come by the hundreds to the home and yowl in the yard. Neighbors don’t like that sort of thing.

Thanks to…


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Review: "A Case Of Noir" by Paul D. Brazill

A Case of Noir by Paul D. Brazil takes readers on a dark and twisted road through five chapters. Even though each one is a fairly contained short story, the five chapters link together to form a complex tale featuring Luke Case.

Except his name isn’t really Luke Case. Not…


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Review: "Piano Man" by Bill Crider

Originally published in the excellent anthology, On Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir, Bill Crider’s very good and very dark tale “Piano Man” is now available as a short story. Somewhere near Fort Laramie in the year 1880 there sits a place known as the “Bad Dog Saloon.” It is the home for a man who forsook nearly everything else because of the booze. He is known as…


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Review: "Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel" by Lee Child

Jack Reacher was on the west coast when it happened. A sniper, loose in Paris, took a shot at the President of France. The shot was fired from 1400 yards out by someone on an apartment balcony. Some kind of new glass held saving the life of the politician. As the situation was investigated and the reality of just how difficult a shot it was to pull off a list of potential snipers with that kind of skill level was drawn up by those who should know.

It has been determined that…


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Review: "A Vampire Named Fred" by Bill Crider

The very run down house next door had been on the market for about 15 years when it finally sold. Al, who is 12, loved exploring the old place, but his mom worried about rotted out floors, broken stairs, snakes in the basement, and the bugs and dirt. While his parents would not buy the old place like he wanted them to, at least his Mom never forbade him from going over there.  He had loved going over there and poking around as long as he could remember and often his buddy Hermie went over…


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Review: "Nasty" by Bret R. Wright

Private Detective Ignatius Jepson goes by the name of Nate. On the mean streets of Seattle he is known as “Nasty.” It is not a nickname he likes, but considering the way he earned it, that nickname isn’t going to be something he will ever get rid of easily. Things don’t come easy to Nate and the way his latest case arrives won’t be easy either.


 It was early in the morning a couple of hours before dawn and Nate was on a secluded beach contemplating the meaning of life. More…


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Review: "Alive Into Hell: A Collection Of Crime Stories" by BJ Bourg

If you have read the author’s fiction before you are aware that betrayal is a theme found in many of his works. Such is the case here in Alive Into Hell: A Collection Of Crime  Stories. All twenty stories have been previously published in a variety of platforms both print and electronic. It also happens that all of them are good ones while also very frequently packing a hard punch to the gut.


The book opens with the signature story “Alive Into Hell” where…


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