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Review: "Go Down Hard" by Craig Faustus Buck

We all remember that female singer that made us crazy as adolescent boys. The one that you fantasized about meeting up close in the most intimate and very personal way. Okay, don’t admit it, but I did. I am also not about to say who that was, but I still have all her records. Not CDs like the kids today have, but the old vinyl records. For Nob Brown that certain singer was,  and to a certain extent still is, Lana Strain. Her murder twenty years ago remains an unsolved case.…


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Review: "The Girl With The Deep Blue Eyes" by Lawrence Block

Doak Miller has done a few things over the years. At one time he was a cop with the NYPD. Then, as is often the case, he left the force under some possibly question ale circumstances. Taking with him what he had earned and learned over the many years of service he moved elsewhere and started anew…


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Review: "Between Juarez And El Paso (The Drifter Detective Series Book 6)" by Alec Cizak

It is March 1956 and private investigator Jack Laramie is in Dallas as Between Juarez And El Paso begins. It has been a long drive for Jack in his Desoto towing his horse trailer home as he came in to Dallas by way of Amarillo. All he wanted was a good drink when he wandered into “Rube’s” on …


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Review News

My first review for Killer Nashville is on a really good one.…


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Review: "Shadow Boys (A Jon Cantrell Thriller Book Two) by Harry Hunsicker

Author Harry Hunsicker spins tales of Dallas that don’t fit the glitzy image advocated by the Chamber of Commerce. His Dallas is one of dope dens, backstabbing in the barrios as well as city hall, a river and a roadway system that was deliberately constructed to divide the rich and poor, where the ends justify the means in you are on the winning side of the deal. Where the streets are paved with broken dreams amidst the cracked asphalt and where babies are born with no hope and no chance to…


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Review: "When Old Men Die: A Truman Smith Mystery" by Bill Crider

January on Galveston Island means that one can still go fishing when northern sections of Texas and the United States are experiencing the brutal joys of old man winter. While one can stand on the gulf coast pier and throw a line into the ocean until the pier closes at five that does not mean the fish will cooperate. They certainly aren’t cooperating on this beautiful day when Dino comes out on the pier to talk.…


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