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Book Review: "One Angry Julius Katz And Other Stories" by Dave Zeltserman

This very good short story collection leads off with Dave Zeltserman’s signature character Julius Katz.  Even Boston’s most brilliant and eccentric detective Julius Katz has to serve jury duty.  In “One Angry Julius and Eleven Befuddled Jurors” he has had enough with the trial and the state’s case. Any one paying attention should have come to the same conclusion and realized the state is going after the wrong person.  Fortunately,  Katz and his artificial intelligence side kick, Archie, can…


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Book Review: "Tamarack County" by William Kent Krueger

Weather is often a major factor in this series and it certainly is in Tamarack County. As the latest in the series from author William Kent Kruger opens it is ten days before Christmas. Snow and cold have descended on the area surround Aurora, Minnesota. But, it wasn’t the snow and cold that killed the elderly Evelyn Carter, wife of a local judge. It was a knife used by a man.


Private Investigator Cork O’Connor won’t know for hours that she is dead and he won’t…


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Book Review: "The Rules" by Mark Troy

In The Rules Ava Rome is a protection specialist. She keeps her clients alive while doing whatever is necessary to stop the threat. To protect her clients she has to know everything about them up front. The fact that she knows her latest client, “Paul” is lying about his name and possibly other things is not a good sign. The issue with the name could be for good reason. According to the father, a wealthy and powerful businessman most likely from somewhere in South America, the…


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Book Review: "Death's Brother" by Bill Crider

Professor Jon Cline always tried to help his students. Such was the case with Dana Randall. He taught Romantic Poetry at the University and Dana was in one of his classes. He soon learned as he tutored her outside of class that she was bored and soon to be wealthy once her inheritance come him. As things progressed she started providing the very lonely and single Professor Cline her own brand of personal tutoring in her bedroom.


The middle aged Cline can’t believe the 20…


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Review: "Second Watch: A J. P. Beaumont Novel" by J. A. Jance

The 21st book in this long running series finds J. P. Beaumont surrendering to the inevitable. It is 2010 and after years of increasing pain in both knees he is on medical leave in order to have double knee replacement surgery at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute in the Seattle area. He’s plenty scared as is his wife and fellow officer of the Special Homicide Investigation Team, Mel Soames. It is one thing to be injured suddenly in the line of duty and therefore given little time…


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Review: "The Necklace" by Shirley McCann

When you are fourteen and your parents want to move, you don’t have much choice in the matter. Tracy Denton is that fourteen year old and she is not happy at all about moving with the family to Stonesthrow, Missouri. This move was the idea of her parents, Jack and Ellen Denton, who have big plans for the old house and small farm. For Tracy, none of her friends are around, the new house is an old dirty one that needs lots of work, and there is nothing fun to do or kids her age as she can see…


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Review: "Catch And Release: 17 Stories" by Lawrence Block

The latest book from author Lawrence Block titled Catch And Release: 17 Stories is an enjoyable grab bag of tales. Short tales, long tales, and a play are present here where those involved almost always offer a philosophy on life and their role in the world. As such, this is a thinking reader’s book and not a light weight read where the characters just run around shooting people and killing folks for the heck of it. Everything that happens, or does not happen, is because a…


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