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Black Friday--Indeed

Normally I would talk about how it is FFB and go over to Patti Abbott's wonderful blog at for the list. Normally there would be a review here as well. Not this week as books are very far from my mind these days.



Just talked to Sandi and her lung filled significantly over night according to the lung doctor.  She already knew that based on how she felt this morning so his news was not…


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Book Review: "Killer Fiction: 11 Short Stories of Killers, Fixers, and P.I.’s" edited by Sniplits Publishing

With the subtitle of “11 Short Stories of  Killers, Fixers, and P.I.’s” you know exactly what you are getting in this primarily hard-boiled read from Sniplits. Unlike many anthologies that often waste several pages with a well-meaning introduction of some type, this one gets straight into the action.


“Vista with Player” by R. A. Allen opens the book.  Our narrator, an unhappy car salesman, is not having a good day for a variety of reasons. Not just because he can’t hit his…


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Book Review: "Deadly Currents" by Beth Groundwater

With rookie River Ranger Mandy Tanner and her boss Steve Hadley watching, things are about to get very dangerous on the Arkansas River in Colorado. One of the river rafts has flipped and tossed equipment and passengers into the swirling river churning towards some deadly rapids. With odds against them before they start, Tanner and Hadley start trying to rescue as many they can as fast as they can. That results in Mandy Tanner performing her first river rescue in increasingly dangerous…


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