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Review: "In The Shadow of El Paso" by Frank Zafiro

Well known for his excellent River City Series of police procedurals set in the Seattle area, author Frank Zafiro moves the action to Texas In The Shadow Of El Paso. Published in 2012 the book contains two short stories set in the fictional Texas city named “La Sombra” located just outside El Paso. As many folks in the border country know, laws and more get blurred along the border.



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Review: "Morale Was Down" by Evan Ronan

Morale is always down and the complaining is always up no matter where you work. In this case you work in an office on the 3rd floor. You know things are not better anywhere else because the green pastures elsewhere you hear about through the rumor mill don’t exist.


Besides, if you were…


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Review: "Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles" by Edward A. Grainger

The latest in the series of excellent westerns is a collection of five previously published tales. Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles as written by Edward Grainger contains snapshots of Cash and Gideon at various times of their lives. Their age may have slowed them down or worse, but the legacy of their actions lives on long afterwards.


Known by many as the “Outlaw Marshal” because of the way he often delivered justice, Cash Laramie has been…


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Review: "Dead End" by Craig Faustus Buck

It isn’t the fact that Dr. Luke Vico drives a BMW worth more than 100 grand that makes him a scumbag. For ex-detective Beltran it is Vico’s public behavior this particular evening as well as what he did to Angela Landau. Vico got away with murder and nothing was right ever again. Maybe Beltran can now figure out a way to fix things.


There is quite a lot going on in this complex short story. Nominated for the 2014 Anthony Award for Best Short Story this material is currently…


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Review: "Texas Vigilante" by Bill Crider

Originally published in 1999 by Dell Books, Texas Vigilante is a sequel to Outrage in Blanco. Some of the events of the first book are mentioned in Texas Vigilante and, by necessity, in this review so you have been warned.


It has been a few months since Ella Taine took over Jonathan Crossland’s ranch after he died. These past months have not been easy. Ranching in Texas is difficult things were such that she had to go into debt to a…


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