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Review: "Jack Hardway's Crime Magazine-- Vol. 1 Issue 1" edited by Jack Hardway

The first issue of Jack Hardway’s Crime Magazine is an intriguing mix of short stories, music, a video, and a novel. The novel is Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliot Chase. I previously reviewed Jack’s version and highly recommend it if you have not read it.


The audio recording is the 1945 broadcast of…


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Review: "Raining Willie & Cranked" by Bill Crider

Karla Ercums claimed the pink amethyst ring on her finger was handed down to her by her grandmother. Drug Cop Ray Tabor is sure the ring is stolen though he can’t prove it. Law enforcement can easily prove she stole other pieces of jewelry while working for Kleen Maid Service. Her actions as a thief as well as her desire for a shorter prison sentence means Tabor can use her as a snitch. In an area where everybody knows everybody else and most folks are related by blood, marriage, or both,…


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Review: "Deadline: A Virgil Flowers Novel" by John Sandford

It begins with missing dogs. The latest victim was Windy Butterfield who had two black labs stolen right out of his kennel. Butterfield knew a guy who knew Virgil and was willing to call him at three in the morning. By the next day Virgil Flowers is on the road to Trippton, Minnesota to see what is what.



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Review: "Early Retirement: A Short Story" by Sue Ann Jaffarian

It is approaching Christmas in Los Angeles as Early Retirement begins and Edna Brewer is glad the weather has finally cooled off a bit. Warmer weather helps her arthritis, but there should be a little chill bite to the air this time of year. Having just turned 67 she has convinced her employer, her brother who is named George and a lawyer that it definitely is time for her to retire. For over thirty year she has kept his law office organized and running smoothly despite the…


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Review: "Proof Positive: A Joe Gunther Novel" by Archer Mayor

Ben Kendall was known to be a hoarder. The piles of debris outside his home tended to indicate that. Anyone who looked inside would know it as well, but he allowed very few access. Once he finally made it home from Vietnam he had wanted to be left alone all these years. For the most part he had been. That meant he also did not get the help he needed to deal with the trauma of war and what he saw and experienced there as a combat photographer.



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Review: "Wait For Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories" by Craig Johnson

As author Craig Johnson explains in “acknowledgements” the stories in “Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories” come from his annual holiday treat for his newsletter subscribers. Not only were they previously published in that sense several were also previously published in the small 2012 publication titled Christmas in Absaroka County: Walt Longmire Christmas Stories. Some of the stories are mysteries or have something a little mysterious going on and others are…


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Review: "Hawthorne Tales Of A Weirder West" by Heath Lowrance

Blending a bit----and sometimes a lot--- of the supernatural with the western, author Heath Lowrance created Hawthorne Tales Of A Weirder West. This is a west long before it became civilized when things moved in the night.  Native peoples knew what areas to stay away from and did so while the white man failed to see the signs. A west of old where one man with a cross cut into the top of his head made it his mission to destroy evil in its many forms.


After an…


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Review: "Annie And The Greateful Dead: A Short Story" by Denise Dietz

Told from the perspective of a cat that prefers to be considered “feline” because he is house broken, this short story mixing humor and mystery is an enjoyable read. The cat----or feline---in question goes by “Grateful” as his full name is “Grateful Dead.” He is okay with the name though, if he had a choice, he would have gone with Elvis since his great grandmother lived at Graceland and there are other family connections. It’s a good life as his pet is Annie (his owner) and Grateful has a…


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