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Review: "Long Fall From Heaven" by George Wier and Milton T. Burton

Cueball Boland, owner of NiteWise Security Company as well as a couple of other things in Galveston, Texas has a very unpleasant task when he knocks on Micah Lanscomb’s trailer.  Cueball needs Micah’s help because a fellow guard, Jack Pense, is dead. Jack was on the job in the Demour warehouse when somebody hit him on the head, tied him up, and then beat him to death.  Cueball wants Micah to go have a look at the crime scene before they have to call the cops.


Jack Pense died…


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Review: "Storm Front: A Virgil Flowers Novel" by John Sandford

Virgil Flowers is on a case about fake antique lumber when his boss Lucas Davenport calls him with another assignment. An Israeli investigator is on the way and needs to talk to a professor who lives in the area. In addition to being a professor the man, Elijah Jones, is also a Lutheran minister. The investigator wants to talk to the professor who apparently stole an important artifact from a dig in Israel and smuggled it back home.


The investigator, Yael Aronov, isn’t…


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Review: "Like A Bone In The Throat" by Lawrence Block

There is no question that William Charles Croydon did, with malice aforethought, abduct Karen Dandridge, repeatedly sexual assault her as well as cause her death by manual strangulation. A brutal crime made worse by the defendant’s claim to not remember the actual murder and his insistence that Karen had enthusiastically participated in the sexual acts and had supplied the drugs that led to her untimely death.


The fact that the evidence clearly showed otherwise brought…


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Review: "Hell Up In Houston: A Jack Laramie Beat" by Garnett Elliott

Private Detective, Jack Laramie, is back in another gritty fast moving tale that is also very good. First seen in The Drifter Detective Jack makes his money by drifting from city to city across Texas doing work as a private detective while living out of the horse trailer he tows with his Desoto. Having wrapped up the current case after discovering the real truth of the matter the grandson of legendary US Marshal Cash Laramie is headed to Galveston to deal with a client as…


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Review: "Keller On The Spot" by Lawrence Block

Somewhere in the Dallas, Texas area is the setting in this tale that opens with Keller at a party.   Not that Keller is the party type by any stretch of the imagination. Keller is on a reconnaissance mission because, though he had seen a picture when he got the assignment in the old man’s study back in White Plains, he needs to see the target where he lives. The mission has to be done correctly or folks start losing confidence in him and that would be a bad thing.


So, that…


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Review: "Billboard Man" by Jim Fusilli

Some know him as Sam. Others know him as J.J. Walk or other names. Still others know him as Donald Harry Bliss. In a sense the man once known as Donald Harry Bliss is dead though he still lives. His wife is dead and he is drifting--literally and figuratively. The powerful Wall-Street mogul Francis Cherry still wants to get him. Unfortunately, good help is so hard to find and former MI6 operative Ian Goldworthy hasn’t proven to be good help, let alone any real help at all, despite his alleged…


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Review: "Safe From Harm: A Sugar Land Mystery" by Stephanie Jaye Evans

Pastor Walker “Bear” Wells and his wife Annie Laurie get plenty of dinner invitations. But, being invited to Gina and John Redman’s house is always a special treat. This one was as well and the coolness of October evening had allowed the four to sit outside on the Redman’s back porch and enjoy the Texas evening. That is until the text from their 15 year old daughter, Jo, hit Bear’s cell phone.


“Come Home.”


That was the message. She doesn’t answer each time…


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Book Review: "Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do: A Jesse Stone Novel" by Michael Brandman"

Paradise Police Chief Jesse has a feeling he knows the dead woman from somewhere. Found in a bungalow at the Surf and Sand motel the dead woman might be 20 or a little younger. Whether the name she used on the motel register is correct or not is any one's guess. Naked and dead with no identification makes things hard with identifying her. Then there is the compounding fact she drove a car with stolen plates.  Finding out who she was is going to be a huge problem and a definite hindrance to…


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Book Review: "Thuglit: Issue 6" edited by Todd Robinson

The recently released Thuglit: Issue Six keeps the reading momentum of recent issues going with eight more hard hitting stories to mess with your mind. Characters at the edge and desperate for a way out no matter the odds populate these stories in locales familiar and not. As always in the Thuglit series, these are short stories so in the interest of avoiding spoilers, details will be limited.


This issue opens with “PIN” by Hugh Lessig. The robbery…


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Review: "HIGH HEAT: A Jack Reacher Novella" by Lee Child

It is July 13, 1977 in New York City as the High Heat: A Jack Reacher Novella opens and Jack Reacher is three months shy of his 17th birthday. It is 8:30 in the evening on a day that has been a scorcher. He has just witnessed some sort of altercation between a man and woman that has resulted in the woman being slapped in the face.


A son of a Marine does not allow that to go unchallenged.


Being the son of a Marine that was stationed all…


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Book Review: "Light Of The World" by James Lee Burke

It was supposed to be a glorious vacation for detective Dave Robicheaux, Alafair, Molly, and their friend Clete Purcell in the mountains of Montana. They are the guests of Albert Hollister. Mr.Holllister is a retired English professor of considerable reputation thanks also to his status as a novelist. His expansive property is at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in western Montana and should be the perfect spot for Dave and the others to recover from recent traumatic…


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Book Review: "Massacre Pond" by Paul Doiron

October so far has been unseasonably warm in Maine and Game Warden Mike Bowditch wonders what exactly is going on because nature certainly isn't behaving herself. Neither is man because Bowditch's friend Billy Cronk has found a nightmare at the expansive estate of Elizabeth Morris where he works. Ms. Morris is incredibly wealthy and has been quietly buying in significant numbers various adjoining parcels of land. In a highly controversial move she has fenced off the land, evicted those who…


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Review: "SUSPECT" by Robert Crais

If Police Officer Scott James had done something different that evening his partner Stephanie Anders would still be alive. But, she isn't because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time as Scott James was looking for a very specific noodle place a Rampart Robbery detective had raved about.  Nine months later, she is still dead, the suspects involved in a brutal murder are still running free, and Police Officer Scott James is haunted by terrible physical pain and horrific…


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Review: "These Mortal Remains" by Milton T. Burton

Last seen in the excellent Nights Of The Red Moon sheriff Bo Handel of Caddo County, Texas returns in These Mortal Remains. Beauregard “Bo” Handel has been sheriff more than thirty years and brooks no interference from the fools in Austin or Washington. He knows the people of his southeast Texas county and they know him. He also knows that sometimes people due amazingly stupid things. Things that can get them killed.


That is exactly what happened…


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Book Review: "Murder by the Marfa Lights" by Denise Weeks

Ariadne French, who goes by the nickname “Ari” never expected the call that she got while helping to paint her sister's house. Aaron Beecroft, Ari's boyfriend who took her money and her heart and left for Montana to set up their future only to not be heard from in months, is now dead according to the caller. Not only is he dead, he isn't anywhere near Montana either.


Instead, a neighbor found him dead in his small cabin in the area of Marfa, Texas. Now the caller, Gil…


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Review: "Her Last Breath" by Linda Castillo

The past has always been a huge part, if not the overriding main theme, of this series set in rural Ohio. The past has its hooks deep inside Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and hasn’t let go yet. The past is certainly not about to let go in the latest novel of the series, Her Last Breath. If anything, in this fifth book of the series, the hooks will set even deeper and will violently and excruciatingly twist in this powerful read.


Like the earlier books, this…


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Review: "Compound Murder: A Dan Rhodes Mystery" by Bill Crider

It is the middle of October and still very hot and dry in Blacklin County, Texas. The weather has not been right for years and that isn’t all. Sheriff Dan Rhodes has already had a busy morning when the call comes in about the dead body over at the branch campus of a local community college. While he isn't sure if the one building on the outskirts of Clearview could be considered a campus Sheriff Rhodes is sure the body between the dumpsters is dead and the crime scene is ruined thanks to…


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Book Review: "Private Spies" by PJ Nunn

34 year old Jesse Morgan Jackson is not having a good year. Her mom says that since Jesse has always done things early she is just having a mid-life crisis. Jesse would not agree, but the past month has been especially difficult with the death of her best friend and business partner, Joey Catronio.


Five years ago they formed a partnership with Joey doing the street stuff and Jesse doing the computer stuff in the office. With his sudden death, Jesse is struggling personally…


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Book Review: "Thuglit: Issue 4" edited by Todd Robinson

Thuglit: Issue 4 of the anthology magazine features eight stories from eight talented authors. Edited by Todd Robinson, aka Big Daddy Thug, these tales lean toward the noir side of things. These are stories where the reason why something happens is just as important as the act itself.


Crystal went all the way up to the bedroom in the small attic looking for the guest of honor. In “Through the Perilous Night” by Anton Sim she finds him watching TV, drinking, and…


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Chasing Bad Guys With Walt In "A Serpent's Tooth" by Craig Johnson

It is fall in Wyoming as A Serpent’s Tooth: A Walt Longmire Mystery opens and Walt Longmire, sheriff of Absaroka county, is spending at least part of the beautiful afternoon at the funeral of Dulcie Meriwether. Walt didn't know Dulcie, but he is there because Mike Thomas wanted Walt to have a conversation with his aunt Barbara Thomas. Apparently somebody has been doing work on her home and occasionally eating some of her food the last couple of weeks. The elderly woman believes…


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