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Book Review: "The Third Gate" by Lincoln Child

The idea of the “paranormal” or the “woo-woo” element is strikingly popular these days. If such books bother you, or you find them offensive, The Third Gate by Lincoln Child is not for you.  The paranormal as well as the idea of near death experiences play a major role in this novel.


Professor Jeremy Logan bills himself as an “Enigmologist” and is quite successful at it in addition to being a professor of Medieval History at Yale.  What really drives him is…


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Book Review: "Mad River: A Virgil Flowers Novel" by John Sandford

Mad River: A Virgil Flowers Novel by John Sanford is the latest in an increasingly enjoyable series. When you see the subtitle A Virgil Flowers Novel you know exactly what you are getting in the read--- a profane loner type cop who will be unorthodox in solving the case while also making the time to check out the available ladies. The job will get done, political and probably law enforcement big shots will be annoyed, and the body count will be fairly…


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Book Review: "Arrowmoon: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

The land is truly in the middle of nowhere in deep East Texas. Isolated, with nothing of any significance at all besides an ageing barn on it, nothing has disturbed the land and it secrets for decades. That is until now because a road is coming through to serve the increasingly population in Texas. The isolated and decaying barn and its secrets lay in the path of that road. Secrets that people will kill to keep hidden from all.


Bill Travis manages money from his office on the…


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Book Review: "The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping" edited by J. Alan Hartman

Thanks to the success of the first anthology, J. Alan Hartman of Untreed Reads decided to do it again. As a result the anthology “The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping” was born. The book features 17 short stories by 17 authors set around Thanksgiving in some way. After a short introduction by Jay Hartman about the books, this one in particular, it is on to the stories.


The book opens with “Reign Check” by Arthur C. Carey where George Simmons is…


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Book Review: "Paradise City: A Joe Gunther Novel" by Archer Mayor

Paradise City: A Joe Gunther Novel is the latest in the series billed as featuring Joe Gunther, but is more and more about his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation. Their latest case begins at what is left of a multimillion dollar home on Tucker Peak. Thanks to moneyed interests, local politics, and other factors, the local commander of the Vermont State Police wants no part of the case and gladly gives the case to the Vermont Bureau of Investigation. That means Joe Gunther…


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Book Review: "Caddo Cold: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

The seventh in the series finds Bill Travis once again trying to help a client who has also become a friend. A familiar pattern in these novels and one that played out in the first book The Last Call. That resulted, among other things, in a marriage to Julie, and a number of children. Neither will happen with Travis trying to help Holt Gatlin.


When Holt Gatlin went off the roof of the defunct theater in Karnack, Texas he hit the ground hard.  Everyone knows he…


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Book Review: "Protectors: Stories to Benefit Protect" Editor Thomas Pluck

Anthologies designed to raise monies for a cause are becoming more and more common. This is true here with Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT features stories about children in danger. Monies raised from book go to PROTECT, and its parent organization, the National Association to Protect Children, in order to help keep children safe, strengthen laws against child abuse in its many forms, and to assist the victims of such abuse. Along with a detailed explanation of…


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Book Review: "HOT STUFF" by Don Bruns

HOT STUFF is the latest in a series that began with STUFF TO DIE FOR and another very well done mystery read. This one finds Skip and his longtime girlfriend, Em, out for the evening at L’Elfe in Miami. The French restaurant on Bayshore Drive is quite famous as its owner is Chef Jean Bouvier. Known for his signature television line, “But can you do this?” on cooking shows on the Food Network, his line of cookbooks, spices, cutlery, etc., Jean and his wife,…


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Book Review: "SLOW FALLING: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

A man covered in dirt from head to toe looking like he just barely crawled out of a grave is never a good thing. It gets worse when the guy dies on the oak floor in a bar. Not that Bill cares one way or another right then what Sonny, the bar owner, is talking about as Bill’s wife, Julie, is in labor and Bill has more important things to think about and do.  Like getting to the hospital in time and in one piece.


He makes it to the hospital just in time to see his latest…


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Book Review: "Death on the Pedernales: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

It was supposed to be a simple flying lesson when Bill Travis and Denise Lipscomb lifted off the runway in Austin for the short flight to the small town of Trantor’s Crossing fifty miles away.  The plan is to practice touch and go landings at the small airport there and then fly back home. Twenty minutes later the flashing red and blue lights at a small airport hangar indicate something is wrong.


It isn’t long before it is clear why the police are at the hangar in…


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Book Review: "The Devil To Pay: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

The fourth book in the “Bill Travis Mysteries” series opens with Bill Travis at work in his office when his friend Walt Cannon comes by to see him. Walt is a Texas Ranger with a thirty plus year career in the elite law enforcement agency. Walt is also under suspicion by some within the organization. Some believe that Walt committed a murder. Walt expects to be arrested soon. Walt swears he didn’t kill Phil Burnet, though he certainly had a good reason to kill him.

Bill Travis knows… Continue

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Book Review: "Robert B. Parker’s Fool Me Twice: A Jesse Stone Novel" by Michael Brandman

After the death of author Robert B. Parker, Michael Brandman took over the “Jesse Stone” series. The first one Robert B. Parker’s Killing The Blues was a fairly good book. It certainly was not Robert B. Parker, but the book was good and there was the suggestion that Michael Brandman had plans to push the boundaries a little bit. Unfortunately, this novel is simply nowhere as near as good while it reads like discarded pieces of a movie script due to the lack of depth to…


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Book Review: "Revelations: A Darker Side Mystery" by Jan Christensen

It has been two very long years but in the here and now of late October 1987, Kirk Hudson is finally home in California. While his stepdad, Philip, is not pleased he is back that attitude is not shared by the rest of the family. His mom, Emily, and his identical twin brother, Ben, are ecstatic that Kirk has finally left the religious cult in Texas and is home. Kirk isn’t ready to talk about the cult, known as Celestial Village, or why he left, but they don’t care about that right…


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Book Review: "Trickster's Point: A Novel" by William Kent Krueger

Approximately a year after the events of Northwest Angle finds Cork O’Connor once again dealing with the weighty issues of family, friendship, and survival in the wilderness of the North Country of Minnesota. It took Jubal Little three hours to die. Plenty of time for a man to confess his sins, make peace with the past, and more while siting against a rock at Trickster’s Point.


Cork O’Connor may have thought about killing Jubal Little. He may have gone…


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Blatant "Mind Slices" Promotion

My short story collection Mind Slices: A Collection of New and Previously Published Stories features 16 short stories in a variety of genres. Some tales lean towards the science fiction side, some lean towards mystery, and almost all of them lean towards suspense. Most stories also contain more than one genre. The e-book is currently .99 cents and is available online at:



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Book Review: "Every Last Secret" by Linda Rodriquez

When Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion left family and her job as a Kansas City Homicide Detective for being the Chief of Police Chouteau University, she thought she would be able to leave all the bad stuff behind and make a fresh start. It hasn’t worked out that way as pulls back to Kansas City keep making their presence felt. She was sure that, at least, she would be able to leave violent death and murder behind. The fact that the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, Andrew McAffe, is…


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Book Review: "Quartet: Four Slightly Twisted Tales" by Janis Susan May

This short story collection opens with the longest story “The Breighton Emeralds.”  The emeralds are back and Tony Brayton isn’t happy about that at all. He is convinced the family legend is true and the stones are cursed. He also thought he had finally managed to get rid of them. The men of the family have been trying to get rid of the things for over two hundred years.  Where the emeralds have been in the past a male Breighton died.  Despite efforts at changing his name and protecting…


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Book Review: A WANTED MAN by Lee Child

For Jack Reacher, the car that finally stopped that Nebraska night meant that Reacher was finally going to be able to move along on his quest to see a woman in Virginia. Wintertime in Nebraska does not mean warm weather. Reacher was glad to get out of the cold. Especially as it had already been a long day and his busted nose was still bothering him pretty good.


When he climbed into the backseat of the car next to the woman it didn’t take long for him to realize…


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Book Review: "Stolen Prey: A Novel" by John Sandford

After 23 novels in the series there isn’t much Lucas Davenport has not seen before. This scene is a new one and very disturbing. The Brooks family home has been turned into a scene that screams of terror and desperation. The dogs were just killed. The family, a dad, wife, and two kids were tortured and eventually killed. Left behind written on a wall, most likely using the blood and one of the dad’s cut off fingers, is a chilling message-- “Were Coming.”


What the…


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Book Review: "Trespasser:A Novel" by Paul Doiron

For Game Warden Mike Bowditch it has already been a very long day when he was told by dispatch about the possible car accident. Dispatcher Lori Williams says a deer was killed in the impact but the driver was not injured. He isn’t sure why he would be needed and with Mr. Varnum yelling at him he is very focused on the immediate problem at hand. Bowditch is on what is supposed to be his last call of the day out at Hank Varnum’s place where all-terrain vehicle riders have been causing…


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