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Reviewing: "EUROSTORM" by Payne Harrison

In Libya, a weapon is in terrorists hands and must be recovered.


In Chicago, a pedestrian is killed one beautiful April morning. It was an accident. According to his finger prints he died more than fifty years ago.


The noontime bombing in Wellington Square in London kills and maims without consideration of gender, race or economic portfolio.


From those storylines, Texas author Payne Harrison (author of the bestseller Storming…


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Book Review: "Nights of the Red Moon"

Milton T. Burton’s third novel sets the stage for a series with a rock solid foundation, interesting characters, and a complex case. Sheriff Bo Handel has been the strong, and at times compassionate, arm of the law in Caddo County, Texas for nearly thirty years. Forty miles away from the Louisiana border and half that north of Nacogdoches, the county is fairly quiet though there have been strange events over the years. With a drought and heat wave gripping the state and painting the Texas…


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Book Review: "Death by Diamonds" by Randy Rawls

Known for his engaging and very good Arthur Conan Edwards (Ace) mystery series, author Randy Rawls is going in a new direction with Death by Diamonds: A Beth Bowman Mystery. Set in South Florida and featuring a tough female private investigator, this character and series is nothing like Ace. Everything about her and what she will do is different---not just her gender.


Beth Bowman is on a rather routine assignment in South Florida working surveillance on a…


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Reviewing: "Innocent Monster" by Reed Farrel Coleman

It has been seven long years since Katy died as the latest novel in the very good Moe Prager series opens. Much has happened to Moe and his family and the aftershocks continue from Katy’s tragic death. Moe has divorced Carmella, their detective agency partnership has long since dissolved and these days he just deals with the wine business. The second store on Long Island will be opening up in a few months and Moe has his hands full with that.  Moe Prager is very much out of the detective…


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Book Review: "INHUMAN CONDITION: Tales of Mystery and Suspense" by Kate Thornton

Sometimes the blurb on the book encapsulates the book in an excellent way. From the back cover of the recently released collection, INHUMAN CONDITION written by Kate Thornton, comes this explanation:


“Human beings tend to fear the things they don’t know, and that is often sensible, given the lurking dangers that confronted our distant ancestors. But sometimes we need to examine carefully the things we think we know: the pet shop owner in town, the teenage girl…


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Holly Martin returns in "She Felt No Pain: A Holly Martin Mystery" by Lou Allin

Before the review, please allow me to thank those who have contributed publicly to my COBRA insurance and medication fund via ChipIn and privately. As readers of my blog know, things are pretty grim and I appreciate the help so much. On to better things.......




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Reviewing: "Rogue Island" by Bruce DeSilva

This debut novel by Bruce DeSilva is getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. Not just because, as has been done in several recent novels, the ongoing demise of the newspaper industry plays a central role. The main theme of the book, chasing an arsonist burning buildings and killing people, is a good one with plenty of twists and turns.

Liam Mulligan is your classic newspaper reporter. He knows everybody on all sides of his beat and when he isn't working or fielding…


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Reviewing: "The Hanging Tree" by Bryan Gruley

Gus Carpenter is not the only one who left Starvation Lake for bigger pastures in Detroit only to return home like a whipped dog. His second cousin, Gracie McBride,

did the same thing. Gus never did get along well with Gracie despite

the fact she was at his house when they were growing up almost as

much as he was. Maybe it was because she was…


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Recent News on My Blog

and, no. it was not about my ongoing health problems.

My blog yesterday was part of Friday's Forgotten Books hosted by Patti Abbott. The post was on Mark Troy's very good novel, "Pilikia Is My Business"

which features a Stephanie Plum type character that is way smarter and

learns from the past. Something a lot of characters as well as a few

real life people I have known seem to fail to do. The book has found a

new publishing home and will be coming out again which… Continue

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Author Dave Zelsterman guest blogs today

My blog today features a piece written by talented author Dave 
Zelsterman discussing e-books and the future of publishing. Stop by and
take a look at Comments are
very welcome though you won't win a thing.

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Barry Ergang's New Book

Barry Ergang, who occasionally will review a book on my blog, has just released a free book of several of his flash fiction stories through Smashwords. The cool thing, besides the fact he may be able to teach me how to format stuff for… Continue

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"Devils Island" by Carl Brookins

is my latest review subject on my blog at Read the review and feel free to comment. Thanks!

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Some Interesting Publishing News

A couple of interesting pieces.

First is on Night Shade Books…


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"The Deputy" by Victor Gischler

is a very good book and I reviewed it today on my blog at:

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Laura Elvebak's Novel "Lost Witness"

was reviewed today on my blog by yours truly. The link is


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Thank You

goes to B.C., E.G. and T.E. for sending help in reference to my recent plea. I, and my family, thank you very much.

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Desperate Times

as noted on my blog at

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Frank Zafiro's "Beneath A Weeping Sky"

Frank Zafiro used to be around here. Don't know if he still is and I am still working on learning my way around here. Even if he isn't, I received an ARC of this book and published my review on my blog last Sunday. Go to and read that review, if you are inclined, along with several other recent reviews and some news.…

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Barry Ergang has BOOKS FOR SALE!

This is a very cool deal and I wish I had some money.

Barry Ergang, my friend who also occasionally allows me to post one of his book reviews, has some very neat books for sale. The main link is at and you ought to check it out.


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