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Forensic Fun

This week at Schaumburg Twp. Dist. Library we had the pleasure of listening to authors and policemen Michael Black and Dave Case talk to an audience about crime scenes. They set up a 'body' and a 'scene' and the audience helped 'process' the scene. We had about 115 in attendance. This is an enormous reponse for us for an author program, and we were thrilled with the entire event. If you have not heard these gentlemen speak at LIM, make it a point to do so. I can't believe what an excellent…


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MWA Meeting and the Joy of Joining Organizations

Last year at Bouchercon, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel and got to meet fun folks like Dan Hale, who is currently Executive VP of MWA. After that meeting I joined MWA and serve on the Reads committee, which runs a national writing contest for children and teens. This has been a great experience, and further led me to get to know the Midwest Chapter of MWA. This group is now a partner of Love is Murder, as of last year.



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Awards = Awareness

In last week's issue of the Love is Murder e-news, there was discussion of the Loveys. If you've been to LIM, you know that these awards are voted on by attendees and the winners are announced on Saturday night at the wonderful dinner, which over 300 people attended. Someone wrote in Crimespree that they questioned the purpose of the Loveys, and the LIM Board responded. See below.

Librarians - and publishers love awards. Do they guarantee that a book will sell thousands of copies…


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Time Out, or Getting the Novel Done!

We had a fabulous teen author, Jack Gantos, at the Schaumburg Twp. Library not too long ago. He is class personified as well as funny, a very skilled writer for different ages, and an artist. On the days we took him to the high schools and grade schools, he got up at 3:30 to do his writing for the day. Yes, I mean A.M.

I know I do not have that kind of discipline, yet I handle many freelance projects and my library deadlines professionally. I suppose I am then the type of person who…


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