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I have 45 books near my bed right now. I don't say nightstand, as that is long since covered with books. Some are know on a dresser, and on the floor. I have one review due Monday, a column due in two weeks of 7 -8 reviews, and a couple other mystery titles that I need to review in two weeks as well.

In one of the other blogs I read, there was a discussion about whether or not it is smart marketing for authors to court libraries and librarians. There are of course, many many good…


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What's Easier? Short Stories or Novels?

I am working on my 6th draft of a short story for an anthology for which I was asked to contribute. While I am pretty new to the fiction writing world, I was surprised at how much harder it is to write a short story than it was to write my YA mystery novel or even my non-fiction librarian books.

Perhaps it is because I do not read that many short stories. I read anthologies by Chicago mystery writers, or edited by writers I like and know. I also read and review some…


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