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Another New Year! Oh......good.

You'd think I would like New Years!

A chance to party, often in a very elegant way.

A final kick at the can for the pessimists, a whole new chance to get it right for the 'glass half full 'crowd.

But it makes me uncomfortable.

Probable summed up best by W.H. Auden's poem, Well, so That is That.

Well, so that is that

Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973)

Well, so that is that. Now we must dismantle the tree,

Putting the decorations back…


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So, who's this Merlot chick, anyway?

A good question.

My first foray into the world wide web,and I had the amazing good luck to land at 4MA (4 mystery addicts, at Yahoo!)

A minor mishap with my( and others) names, resulted in the list owner, Maddy V.H.(who is great) bestowing my nickname upon me. Given my preference for red wine, it seemed like a good match.(and it sounds a lot more dashing than 'Grants')

Merlot has all of my good points and none of my flaws.She can say things that I might not, and get away…


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It's never too late to make new friends

Thanks to all of you who have requested me to add you as friends.

If I don't know who you are, does it matter? Or maybe I know you from 4MA?

I am SUCH a Luddite.

Bare with me please.

Merlot- loving this site, but very confused


If you don't know me, or in the rare event that I have forgotten who you are (CRS!), please say hello!

Added by Merrill Young on March 20, 2007 at 11:11am — 10 Comments

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