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El Dorado, Dorothy Porter

Welllllll - stranger things have happened, but I read a Crime Fiction in

Verse book during MWF.

Even more unexpectedly, I really enjoyed it.

Author: Dorothy Porter

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Copyright: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-3304-2304-5

Pages: 369


There is a serial child killer stalking the streets of Melbourne.

The victims are killed gently, lovingly, a gold mark traced on their


This killer… Continue

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MWF - Final Write up

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MWF - First Authors

We saw a few events / panels with new authors this year - so some random mumblings on the matter at:


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MWF Final Day

Well Melbourne Writers Festival has ended
again for another year and there's something very very sad about that -
even though my feet hurt and my head is stuffed with cotton wool from
the cold I caught... another great year which we'll slowly report on in
more detail over the next few days. In the meantime - a final summary:

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Melbourne Writers Festival - First weekend reports

Well we're up and running (well strolling) at the MWF - so we'll post our various thoughts and considerations over on the main site:


If you want to follow the chat - you might have to revisit as the others crawl out of bed and add their thoughts …:)


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Little, Brown and BookCrossing Releasing I See You by Gregg Hurwitz into the wilds of Australia

200 copies of debut thriller I See You by Gregg Hurwitz will be released into the wilds of Australia on 3rd September - for more see:


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Review: The Dante Trap, Arnaud Delalande

The Dante Trap by Arnaud Delalande is set in 1756 Venice - for a full review please check out the main site:


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Scarlet Stiletto - The First Cut edited by Lindy Cameron

Yesterday I managed to get into one of the localish Borders stores and was really really pleased to spy a cop of the local Sisters in Crime publication of the Scarlet Stiletto winners and entrants. This is a book of short stories done by well-known, up and coming and not so well known Australian female crime writers. I've read a few of these short stories in other locations but I've been really looking forward to getting this compilation since I heard it was coming out.

An anthology of…


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Shark Bait, Susan Geason

I'm reminiscing through the TBR stacks at the moment and Shark Bait by Susan Geason caught my eye. Full review at:


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Review - Bye Bye Baby, Lauren Crow

TITLE: Bye Bye Baby

AUTHOR: Lauren Crow

Publisher: Harper Collins

Copyright: 2007

ISBN: 0732284457

Pages: 506


From the Book: "It all began in Brighton. Now there is a killer on the loose. Scotland Yard's brightest talent is chosen to head up the

high-profile taskforce, a DCI who must confront his own past as the…

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The Undertow, Peter Corris

I've been doing some serious catching up with Ned Kelly Nominees, and with local Crime Fiction in general and it has been a stellar reading month because of it. The latest is another fine
and fun outing with Cliff Hardy in The Undertow by Peter Corris. For a
full review wander over to my site:


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Sneak Preview Movie Ticket Give-away

For anybody around here from Victoria, NSW, QLD, SA, WA and the ACT, thanks to the kind generosity of the people at Palace Films, we've got 10 double passes to sneak previews of the documentary Forbidden Lie$ to give away.


If you're around here and interested in the movie - please stick in a competition entry - you just never know who is judging these things… Continue

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Review - Frantic, Katherine Howell


Author: Katherine Howell

Publisher: Pan MacMillan

Edition released: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-4050-3797-6

2822 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

Sophie Phillips is a paramedic and her husband Chris is a cop. When Sophie and her paramedic partner are called to a premature labour case, the results of the early labour are tragic, and despite Sophie and Mick being very sure they have done the right thing, the baby's father - Boyd Sawyer is grief stricken and… Continue

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Vodka Doesn't Freeze, Leah Giarratano


Author: Leah Giarratano

Publisher: Bantam

Edition released: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-86325-583-7

322 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

Nobody could possibly call reading VODKA DOESN'T FREEZE a pleasure - it's an absolutely heartbreaking and very discomforting book. The author is a trauma psychologist who works with victims, and victims are very much the focus of VODKA DOESN'T FREEZE.

A young girl, victim of sexual abuse kills herself.… Continue

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Review - The Last Testament, Sam Bourne


Author: Sam Bourne

Publisher: Harper Collins

Edition released: July 2007

ISBN: 978-0-00-720333-8

442 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

The blurb for THE LAST TESTAMENT reads along the lines of "The Biggest Challenger to Dan Brown's Crown" and "A brilliant new high-concept religious conspiracy theory thriller", which might put

some readers off, or at the very least set you up with…


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Updated austcrimefiction site

http://www.austcrimefiction.org has been around for a while now - listing Australasian Crime fiction authors and books, True Crime and whatever else sort of appealed to us at the time.

We've recently been working on an upgrade to the site to make it more interactive for people to get involved on - and that site has now been "launched" (well it's up and limping anyway :) )

If you're interested in Australasian / Australian / New… Continue

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Review - In the Woods, Tana French


Author: Tana French

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Edition released: June 2007

ISBN: 978-0-340-92475-4

485 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

Is it really only a month or so since IN THE WOOD was released in paperback? There's a lot of talk about this debut book, and you should be listening, the positive talk is highly deserved.

In 1984, in Knocknaree, County Dublin, Ireland, three 12 year old children - Adam, Peter and Jamie… Continue

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I am officially a "librarything"er

Well I was avoiding it all for a while - but I finally relented and our library has been uploaded to librarything.


It's amazingly addictive - and its really fascinating to wander around and see firstly who has the same books as you (Hi Helen B) ) and then to see what else is in their collection.

Wander over - have a look -…


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Review - Sucked In, Shane Maloney


Author: Shane Maloney

Publisher: Text Publishing

Edition released: March 2007

ISBN: 978-1-921145-44-5

276 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

I happily went out earlier this week and bought a copy of Sucked In and it took me roughly one day to finish it - and that was an unfair delay - I could have sat down and read it in one sitting. Needless to

say the 6th book in the Murray Whelan series (for which we've all…


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Review - Amongst the Dead, Robert Gott


Author: Robert Gott

Publisher: Scribe

Edition released: April 2007

ISBN: 978-1-921215-24-7

270 pages

Review by: Karen Chisholm

AMONGST THE DEAD is the third novel in Robert Gott's William Power series. William is an "aspirational" but failed Shakespearean actor, turned Private Investigator who finds himself in very unusual circumstances in the Top End of Australia during World War II in AMONGST THE DEAD.

William and his brother… Continue

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