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Just Finished, Going to Pick Up

I just finished The Assassin's Gallery by David L. Robbins.

This is a book that I would have been highly unlikely to pick up if it hadn't been sent to my partner in amongst other review books. When I was restacking his review piles, I read the blurb and well, got caught. Great example of speculative fiction. For a full review you can wander over to my blog at http://tinyurl.com/38dkbt

Next I'm definitely getting stuck into Broken… Continue

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LCC Hawaii Here I come

I have, as they say in the classics, done the deed.

I'm a signed up registrant for LCC 2009 in Hawaii.

Sometime late in 2008 I should imagine there will be some worrying going on around here.

I've told the dogs its only for a few days - they don't look convinced.

How on earth do you explain abandonment to a flock of chooks......

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Reviewing Books from a Reviewers Perspective

Being a very recent entrant into this publishing reviews game it's been interesting to watch a lot of the chatter from readers, other reviewers and writers getting around these days.

Writing reviews is an extremely nerve-racking game, or at least it is for me. Doesn't mean it's not fascinating, but there are days when you start to read a book and you can feel the cold sweat breaking out.

I sweat it if I'm finding I'm loving the book and I sweat it if I'm hating it and the… Continue

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Shadow Alley, compiled by Lucy Sussex (YA Mystery)

Cross posted from http://blogs.sakienvirotech.com/AustCrimeFiction

First published in 1995, Shadow Alley is a compilation of short crime stories written around the premise of

detectives when they were teenagers.

A majority of the authors stuck to this premise, whereas some chose instead to write about teenage characters within the stories themselves.

Kerry Greenwood…


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Poll - Do you Read Australasian Books?

We're running a very simple little poll over on AustCrime Fiction at the moment just to bet a bit of a feel for the impact of our local authors. This result will be going to some of our local publishers so if you have time we'd appreciate your input:


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Focus on: Leigh Redhead

Cross-Post with my own blog at AustCrimeFiction,

I've been irregularly running a bit of a focus on some under discussed

Australian authors. Recently I posted a note about J R Carroll and

today I got to thinking about the fabulous Leigh Redhead.

Leigh Redhead is a recentish arrival in the Australian Crime Fiction scene.…


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LCC 2009 in Hawaii

I'm going.

I'm definitely going.

I think.

I should be okay to go.

Really, it's 2 years away - I can organise myself in 2 years can't I.

I might need to get a "real" job - one of those ones that pays you to do something to go, but I'm definitely, possibly, wanting, probably to go.

Partly this is because Hawaii's not quite so much cut lunches and waterbags away from where I'm at.

Plus in 2 years I can probably explain to my Australian… Continue

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Young Adult Fantasy with a Mystery Bent

Granted I don't have any teenagers around here (or kids of any type for that matter - not even baby goats) but I was once a teenager and if I try really really really hard I can sort of remember what that was like.

So reading Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox triggered a bit of a walk down memory lane. I'm not sure this is 100% a Mystery, but there is a bit of a mystery bent in what is ultimately a fantasy novel, but it's a fabulous book.


Publisher: Harper…


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Australian Fiction - Few odds and ends of announcements

For the more cosy style lovers - Brian Kavanagh has recently announced that he's got a new contract signed with BeWrite Books to publish the third in

the Belinda Lawrence mystery series, BLOODY HAM. Following on from


Belinda and Hazel Whitby into the murky world of film production and

murder on location in historic Ham House!…


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My Daily Blog

Is over on our own site at:


Where I try to remember to keep it up to date on a daily basis.

Mind you, there's no deep and meaningful details about what I'm thinking, how I'm doing whatever it is I'm doing, or what is getting up my nose (if I started on that the database would groan under the strain).

Mostly it's a reading and book review… Continue

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