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Where did all the fish bones go?

When I was a child eating fish was a scary proposition. Everyone knew it was good for you. And it was even tasty. But beware of the dreaded fish bones. If you got one lodged in your throat it could kill you. And it seemed all fish had them. They were hard to see, looking very much like the flesh of the fish. Even when you went to a fancy restaurant and the waiter boned the fish in front of you, tiny dangerous bones were usually left to surprise you. You'd suddenly have to put your fingers in… Continue

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Squeezed to Death

I think I should make that title into a short story. Here it is December and I'm frantically working to get every thing for year end finished before leaving for a Christmas visit to my family. I have only 8 days to get it all done. No, I can't do any of it there. When I'm with my family my days are filled with the kids, the details of keeping track of everything and the list of tasks my daughter thinks we will accomplish before the big day. And I assure you she works at a must faster pace than… Continue

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Home Again!

I just got back from my first book event of the year, Murder in Magic City in Birmingham and Murder on the Menu in Wetumpka, AL. After two years of hitting the convention and conference circuit rather heavily my husband and I did an analysis and decided to back off this year. We enjoyed the conferences, meeting the other authors, meeting and making friends among the fans but the reality is we don't sell that many books at the conferences and it's hard to tell if all that…


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