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Party at Kate's Mystery Books!

This Friday is the annual holiday/booksigning party atKate's Mystery Books.

Check out the authors who will be signing! Come if you can. Call to order a signed book if you can't!

Holiday Party Schedule:


Steve Anable

Linda Barnes

Sibylle Barrasso

Gary Braver

Jan Brogan

Susan Conant

Joe Finder

Kate Flora

Gary Goshgarian

Robert Parker


Judy… Continue

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"Probable Claws" ARC winners!

Drumroll, please....

The winners of advance, uncorrected reading copies of my April mystery, "Probable Claws," are Gina Teh, Krista Schnee, and Debbie Bogenschutz! My good friend and fellow author Vicki Croke ("The Lady and the Panda," among other books) drew three names at random for me. These three advance readers… Continue

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Sorry, folks, I posted this elsewhere. But I won't draw my winners until SUNDAY (Nov. 30) so if you're interested, email me today!

Probable Claws is coming out this spring! I've got a… Continue

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What's an animal psychic to do?

Ever wonder if our animals know more about us than we'd like them to? Ever wonder if they'll talk? That's the idea behind "Dumb Beasts," my first pet psychic short mystery. It's just one of the short stories in the brand new Deadfall: Crime Stories by New England Writers, which is just coming out… Continue

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Respecting the reader

I am not a master of mysteries. With each book, I learn more about plotting, characterization, spinning out the strands that will keep readers involved. But I love mysteries, and I am grateful for the interest and support of the readers who have encouraged and maybe even enjoyed my fledgling efforts.

That's why I was so ticked off when I opened Entertainment Weekly and read the following from Dennis Lehane, talking about… Continue

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Coming in April...

Big shout-out thanks to designer Geoffrey Boyarsky for this excellent cover!

Oh, and here's a cheering story: It takes a village to save a… Continue

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Fall ahead?

So after a week on the beach and more lobster than should be legal, I'm back here at my newly clean desk, thinking about what comes next. Before I left, a friend asked me if I knew which project I wanted to tackle: the grumpy pet psychic detective (based on my "pet noir" short story) or… Continue

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Spring ahead ... to <i>Probable Claws</i>

Just got the word: Probable Claws, my fourth Theda Krakow mystery, will be published next April by Poisoned Pen Press! More info as I get it, and an excerpt will go up on my site soon. But in the meantime: someone is trying to poison shelter cats, and when Theda investigates she finds herself arrested for murder!

Until then, I've reviewed Colin Cotterill's Curse of the Pogo Stick for the… Continue

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Thank you, Worldwide

Oh, my! I just heard from my editor at Worldwide Mysteries, which publishes mass market paperbacks of previously published mysteries - and he told me that their edition of Mew is for Murder sold 17,232 copies! I don't think I've sold that many of anything ever. Now they're offering a lovely mass market edition of Cattery Row, so here's hoping… Continue

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Chatting with Tana French

Two weeks ago, I got to interview Tana French for the Boston Phoenix. The Edgar-winning author of In the Woods was in town promoting The Likeness, her second smart psychological mystery, and we had a good chat over coffee in the elegant… Continue

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<i>Cattery Row</i> in paperback!

Mass market paperback, that is (i.e., smaller – and significantly cheaper). Worldwide Mystery has just published this new edition of my second mystery, Cattery Row, available only online (to check it out, click here) and with an absolutely wonderful new cover. Don't you think… Continue

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One mystery builds on another...

Well, ok, there is a small element of suspense in my short story, "Lady in Waiting," but there are no bodies and no crimes have been committed. Instead, it's a sweet, little mystery I've written for a book called Cambridge Voices, a collection celebrating the renovation of my local (Cambridge, Mass.) library. There's a cat in it, of course, and the story takes place… Continue

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Fly, kitty, fly!

A genetic mutation – or the miracle of photoshopping? Either way, this amuses. Thank you, Caroline Leavitt, for sending it along!

Here's the link to the supposed news article about this Chinese winged cat, who supposedly sprouted wings to escape sexual… Continue

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Nice bit of news - my editor over at the Barnes and Noble Library of Essential Reading loves my introduction to The Mysterious Affair at Styles,, Poirot's first adventure, so look for my name to be linked to the great Agatha Christie when this new edition comes out next March. What an honor!

And… Continue

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All about Agatha

Did you know Agatha Christie only received 25 pounds for her first mystery, The Mysterious Affair at Styles? And that wasn't even an advance. She only got that because someone agreed to serialize it, and that was her take.

I've been asked to write the introductions to two of Christie's novels; Styles, which introduced Hercule Poirot, and… Continue

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Thank you, Oline!

"These are darn good mysteries." – says Oline Cogdill, mystery columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Make my day, why don't you,… Continue

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Remembering to forget

It's not like I don't have enough on my plate. I've got the revisions of "Probable Claws" to finish up (luckily, my editor is on vacation, which gives me some breathing room). And I've got my summer writing class to teach. But my agent is sending out my non-Theda manuscript this week, and so the time feels right to start on an entirely brand new project.

Sometimes, this part is easy. On Saturday, sitting… Continue

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Just heard that my short story, "Dumb Beasts," has been accepted for Deadfall: A Crime Anthology, to be published in November by Level Best Books, a multiple-award-winning small publisher up here in New England. I'm tremendously excited for multiple reasons.

"Dumb Beasts" features a pet psychic who "hears" animals' thoughts – and this helps her realize a murder has been committed. The animals don't talk to her like we talk to each… Continue

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Forgotten Books Friday

Let's hear it for Tubby Dubonnet! I first met this charming New Orleanian bon vivant under less than ideal circumstances. He'd chosen to stay in his Garden District home despite dire weather warnings about an oncoming hurricane, and soon enough he was stranded. That hurricane turned out to be Katrina, and following the breakdown of the New Orleans… Continue

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Forgotten Books Friday

Have you heard about Patti Abbott's Friday Forgotten Books project? Death Was the Other Woman author Linda L.… Continue

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