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Preproduction, Gonzaga’s Nose and Bulletproof Babies

I spent some time today scoping out my location for the book trailer and messing around with lights. I’m hardly any kind of cinematographer, so I wanted time to experiment and test my ideas and make mistakes before I actually have Roxy on set. I’m hoping that way, when it comes time to shoot the real deal maybe I’ll have a little bit more of a clue.

Inspired by Gonzaga’s lovely broken nose from last night’s UFC, I’ve been considering bloodying Roxy up a bit when I toss her in the… Continue

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Lovin Leo Lions

Happy Birthday (late) to Sonambulo creator and pinche artboy Rafael Navarro and (early) to that saucy vixen Maria Alexander. (Anyone who got the Harvey Sid Fisher reference in the title should be ashamed of themselves. I know I am.)

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Decidedly Disliking Dexter

I’ve never seen the television show, but a friend recently lent me the first two books about the lovable blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a killer of serial killers. Entertainingly written, great premise, and buckets of innovative gore, but I thought there were a few too many staggering coincidences holding the plot together. Plus I’m having a bit of trouble with the title character.

My problem is this. Dexter is presented as totally amoral and without emotion, yet he… Continue

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Master of Men!

OK, I really need this:

(Why I was able to make the link thing work last time and not this time is beyond me.)

I love that they did both the earlier, suave classic Wentworth version and the more demented, fanged later version.

Meanwhile I’ve suddenly got galleys aplenty here at the House of Faust. Galleys for MONEY SHOT and for HELL OF A WOMAN, the new antho from Busted Flush, are both awaiting… Continue

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Hoodtown, The Movie

Because I want to be cool like Duane Swierczynski, you can click here to read my entry on a group blog where writers talk about who they would cast in film adaptations of their novels.

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