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Faust on Radio

I’m being interviewed by Ciara Parsons and Jason Stuart for radio tomorrow. You will be able to hear me on XM radio’s National Lampoon radio network 154 on September 4th at 7pm and again on the 9th at 4pm (PST). You will also be able to watch streaming video of the program online. However, the busy little internet elves over at are currently beavering away setting up the radio homepage and archives so I can’t post a link for that just yet. It will be up and running soon and I’ll… Continue

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No, that’s not a finishing move or an extra twenty dollars from your masked masseuse, it’s a luchalicious garage sale over at HOODTOWN publisher From Parts Unknown. If you don’t own my novel HOODTOWN by now, you no longer have an excuse. And while you’re there, pick up Rafe Navarro’s LUCHA NOIR (featuring rough HOODTOWN art and never before seen sketches) or opt for the “one of everything” option and get your Holiday-Of-Choice shopping taken care… Continue

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I’ve Joined The Cult

No, not the band, not the Scientologists, and not the polygamists with the chola hair. Check out this new interview on Chuck Palahniuk’s website “The Cult.”

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Anachronism Theater

Without going into a long rant about these-young-kids-today and their ADD addiction to mile-a-minute jitter and flash, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that Eddie Muller’s excellent, old-school and decidedly grown-up short film The Grand Inquisitor is now available online. Check it out and if you like it, be sure to rate it. You can also read more about the fascinating history of this film on the… Continue

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