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FIRE SEASON off to the copy editor.

The manuscript is in great shape (my editor thinks so, anyway) but the copy editor will find some damn thing on practically every page--this is the way of copy editors.  There will be a period of three weeks or so in which we wait, and then a great rush to respond to her notes, then off to the typesetter, then to the printer.  My understanding is that it's already available for pre-order on Kindle.  Ha.  Oh, and here's the cover:…


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One of the little-known perks of being a published author: true story.

So we spent a week at the in-laws out in L.A., fine time had by all. Saturday, the day before we're scheduled to fly back, I discover that my wallet's missing--flat gone. We turn the house upside down, search the cars, retrace our steps back to the noodle joint where we'd had lunch (last time I'd taken my wallet out to get at my Visa card), no freaking wallet, nada, zilch, vanished, gonezo, n'existe pas. It's really just a card case--Visa, debit card, faculty ID, insurance cards, driver's… Continue

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Thanks to Michael Feldman's "Whad'Ya Know"

Lots of fun doing the terrifying live interview. Big crowd, Michael very funny, great bands (the Whad'Ya Know trio, and Mike Perry's band, the Longbeds), lots of funky taxidermy on stage (I wanted to take the bear home with me), some great moments with audience members, etc. Also selling some books--a nice little sales spike on Amazon, and a couple of nice emails from folks who heard and enjoyed the show. Thanks especially to producer Todd Witter for finding me, and making all the… Continue

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Jon Loomis appearing on Wisconsin Public Radio's "Whad'Ya Know?" with Michael Feldman.

They're doing the show live here in Eau Claire next Saturday, March 20; over a million listeners each week, apparently. Terrifying, but Michael's very funny, and does a good interview.

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I wish we had a signature option for our forum posts.

If we did, mine would be "Hey, Jon Loomis, cool down!"

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Book deal: Coffin rides again!

So, it looks like we've finally settled on a workable deal with SM/M to do the third Frank Coffin mystery--either Fire Season or Hurricane Season. It's a modest advance, but for a single book rather than two (good news for me: I was reluctant to tie up the next four years of my writing life in one contract), and with a deadline I'm pretty sure I can handle. It's great, too, because I won't have to teach freshman English for a whole year--woo hoo!

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Nice little interview in Indigest magazine.

We did this on gmail chat, which is a weird format--almost like doing it live. Very little opportunity to revise.

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Nice interview/feature on

Here. Very smart interviewer, which is nice.

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More Amazon fun:

MATING SEASON's current numbers:

#5 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Police Procedurals
#9 in Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Police Procedurals
#73 in Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Mystery

God bless National Public Radio.

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So the NPR piece ran this morning--

They did a great job, I thought. Here's a link:

It's already driving sales a bit--the paperback of HIGH SEASON sold out on Amazon, and this is particularly nice:

MATING SEASON: #61 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Police Procedurals

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MATING SEASON gets a five-star review on Amazon!

Thanks, B.R.

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Holy crap--I'm going to be on NPR.

Linda Wertheimer's going to interview me for Morning Edition's "Crime in the City" feature. They've done interviews with lots of actual famous people--from Chelsea Cain to Robert B. Parker. Why they want to talk to me is anybody's guess. We'll do a kind of walking tour of Provincetown and talk about some of the locations in the books. No idea when it will air--soon-ish, I hope.

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MATING SEASON: Nice little write-up in the Provincetown Banner

Det. Coffin to the rescue once again in Provincetown mystery sequel

By Melora B. North

Sun May 10, 2009, 11:30 AM EDT

PROVINCETOWN - Poet-author Jon Loomis is up to his murder magic again. With a new book on the stands, “Mating Season,” set in Provincetown, he takes the reader on a tour of the seaside village, marked with a murder here, a scandal there — in fact, lots of juicy scandals to whet the appetite of those who enjoy a tantalizing read.

Attractive, young Kenji… Continue

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HIGH SEASON, the TV series?

Well, maybe... My lovely agent has hooked up with a TV agent at CAA who is now shopping my books around to a number of TV writer/producers. Stranger things have happened, right?

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MATING SEASON officially released!

I should throw a party, or something.

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MATING SEASON now available in stores.

Or so I'm told. A fine thing--when the first one came out it was evidently very hard to find. Official release date is 4/28; that's when Amazon will ship pre-orders, I think.

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Booklist starred review of MATING SEASON

Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof

Issue: April 1, 2009

Mating Season.

Loomis, Jon (Author)

May 2009. 304 p. St. Martin's/Minotaur, hardcover, $24.95. (9780312367701).

When Kenji Sole is found stabbed to death in her lavish Provincetown, Massachusetts, beach home,

Detective Frank Coffin and Sergeant Lola Winters have no lack of suspects. The beautiful and wealthy

victim had a voracious appetite for sex with a rotating cast of older, married…

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Publisher's Weekly reviews MATING SEASON

Mating Season Jon Loomis. Minotaur, $24.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-36770-1

Det. Frank Coffin and his partner, Sgt. Lola Winters, look into the stabbing death of notoriously promiscuous dominatrix Kenji Sole, who had a gift for bringing out a man's “inner jerk,” in Loomis's riotous second mystery to feature the Provincetown, Mass., cop (after 2007's High Season). The investigators rattle nearly every skeleton in the official closets of the ultraliberal community as well as a few cages in…

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