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Does you book need a swift kick in the spine?

I have been on a blog hiatus for a while but I'm back! I have plenty of space for 2013 if any of you are interested in promoting your new release or giving an older book a swift kick in the spine. Contact me here at Crimespace for details.

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Need an Interview?

As many of you know, I interview authors and industry experts on my blog. After a year of overwhelming interviews, I've noticed that interview dates are thinning out beginning in August. If you have a new release or a book that needs a swift kick in the spine, Iet me know. The blog is and my email address is You can learn more about me at… Continue

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In the throes of Rewriting

If you're in the throes of rewriting that great novel or short story, you may want to read what Peter Abresch has to say at Good stuff.

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Whitfield Cover Award

As most of you know, I interview writers on my blog at I have being doing this since 2009 and have had some great interviews and showcased some awesome book covers. I decided it was time to have a contest to pick the best cover posted so far. Because there were so many excellent covers, I narrowed the field and posted my favorites on the site. Now, if you will, please help me pick a winner who will get a…


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Excerpt from Hell Swamp

The hand wrapped around my throat, the long nails on its fingers cut my skin. I screamed. I could hear myself screaming. I snatched out of the fingers’ grip and fell. Fell a long way. Then the dirt hit my face. I was being buried alive! I scrambled sideways when I realized there was nothing to stop me. When I hit the table, I woke up, piled on the floor with the aloe plant from the bedside table and all its dirt on top of me. The nightmare I’d… Continue

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