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I'm wrestling with demons. This novel I'm working on has brought me to a very dark place that troubles me. The angry heroin addict with a thing for his sister, the childless woman whose grip on reality is tenuous at best, the twin succubi, the faded rock star who slides, effortlessly, into murderous madness: Where do they come from? Certainly they come from inside of me, yet they are not me. Or are they? I hate them and love them in the same way I alternately hate and…


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What I Learned at Backspace Today

Why wasn't I hanging out around Backspace months ago? The multi-talented Karen Dionne has an amazing site there--everything the budding or even recently budded writer needs. I visited by way of Susan Henderson's blog and cool writer hangout, LitPark, where Karen will be featured this week.

This is what I picked up today: J.A. Konrath's great list for preparing for a booksigning. This man knows how to handsell books--and he's sold a lot of them. I've attended many signings, and sat…


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