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New day job in law enforcement!

I now work as a scientist / engineer in a special unit of USAF OSI. We provide tech and analytic support to Special Agents throughout the Air Force on cases that are overly technical or too large for their regional office to handle. We provide the "heavy lifting" in the scientific and engineering subjects.

It's like Abbey on NCIS, except it's Air Force not Navy, and we cover the whole range of science on DoD and military programs.

For a mystery writer, it is great to now… Continue

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La Voie des Braves has legs!

The French version of my 1st novel, How the Strong Survive, was released a few weeks ago, and it it doing well. It is titled "La Voie des Braves" and debuted at #14 on the Amazon.Fr bestseller list

The tranlsator, "Sholby," and I are thrilled that after 18 days, it is still on that bestseller list. It fell as low as #95 before jumping back to #19, then fell to #65 and then bounced back up to #45, and it is now again back to… Continue

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I like it here...

Being a free-thinker used to be great, until the MBAs moved in and said "No more free thinking. We must charge for it now."

"But that isn't the meaning of 'free thinking!'" the author protested.

"Don't try to pull a zoigma on me!" and off they carted the trussed and shackled writer, to his isolation cell.

A few blinks into the future...

Welcome to the place of mankind's last best hope for freedom to write crime fiction and reality!

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picked up by a European publisher

I;d wondered if I;d ever get an agent, but now I;m beginning to wonder what one of those would do for me that I don;t already do for myself.

I just got a pub-date for te French version of How the strong Survive. La Voie des Braves will be released on 15 January, 2009!

I just agreed to -- signed paperwork to follow -- sell the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese versions of How the Strong Survive to a European publisher. I am required to be involved and approve… Continue

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Quatre-Vingt-Quinze Pour Cent

Quatre-Vingt-Quinze Pour Cent

A humorous translation from French to English

In 2001, my friend Delphine sent me the lyrics to

a French song about the hard time men have in pleasing women. I decided

to "translate" it into English using a method that tried for humor over


Quatre-vingt-quinze pour cent

1/4 of a pint of quince wine… Continue

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