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Yesterday, December 27th, at 3:05 CST... I finally typed out my favorite words on this bitch of a ms. that has eaten me alive for seven months... My favorite words? "The End"

Perhaps I will now rejoin the land of the living. But first, there's a naked redhead in the other room...

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So... Everybody died this year and when I finally get in the mood to pick up a book, people keep dying... What's a guy to do? Overwrite... or just get over it?

So he got run over by a car. Thump! End of story? She was beheaded by a news chopper. Finis...........

What is this death? .........

When your heart stops, a sentient sigularity of infinite mass, once worshiped as a Babylonian deity, now mistakenly known by astrophysicists as a black hole, and known to his friends as Manny,sucks all the space out of the molecules in your chest. Cellular membranes shrink like cocks in cold water to cover each likewise contracting testicular… Continue

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The Anatomy of My Eternal Funk / (Waiting for the coffee to kick in and typing away al fresco at the Blueline in Dundee) / Foreword to Vol. 1

The one-time Vicar of St. Thomas’ Church in Oxford, Robert Burton, said they should probably bleed me. And though he was dead for some 309 years before I was born into my bummer of a life, he was just the sort of guy I listened to. I always ascribed wisdom – no doubt naively – to dead guys who could scribble satirical Latin comedies, identify dried plants, and practice socially acceptable forms of pedantry. Discovering his work, bound in a flayed and lacquered skin of some bovine sort at the… Continue

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Premiums and Prizes

How many "friends" must one get to recieve a chit that can be redeemed for a pair of X-Ray Specs?

Just wondering...

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So... what if?

It's been a long, challenging year. So... what if I broke out of my self-imposed isolation? I will consider the implications.

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