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Sean Chercover Interview

Suspect: Sean Chercover Known Aliases: Shifty Canuck, Secret New Yorker...

Occupation: Writer, Troublemaker

Last Known Location: Chicago, IL & Toronto, Canada

Listen in as Sean talks about tackling "The… Continue

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Victor Gischler Interview

Suspect: Victor Gischler Known Aliases: Mr. Apocalypso (yes, I made that up)

Occupation: Writer, College professor

Last Known Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Listen in as Victor talks about his… Continue

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J. D. Rhoades Interview

Suspect: J. D. Rhoades

Known Aliases: Dusty Rhoades (he wouldn't cop to any others)

Occupation: Lawyer, Columnist and Writer

Last Known Location: Carthage, N.C.

Listen in as J.D. talks about his latest standalone thriller, Breaking Cover, what's in the works with his… Continue

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Anthony Neil Smith Interview

Suspect: Anthony Neil Smith Known Aliases: The Enforcer, Dubh, Opinionated Jackass

Occupation: Writer, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Southwest Minnesota University (whew!)

Last Known Location: The Great White, southern Minnesota

Listen in as Neil talks about his latest book, Yellow… Continue

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Ian Rankin Interview

The Bloody Scots - Part 5

Suspect: Ian Rankin

Known Aliases: King of Tartan Noir, God

Occupation: Writer

Last Known Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Listen in as Ian talks about his Inspector Rebus series, the recent explosion in the Scottish arts… Continue

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Ray Banks Interview

The Bloody Scots - Part 4

Ray Banks

Known Aliases: Knucklebuster, DangerBalls

Occupation: Writer, Day Job Drone

Last Known Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England (but he was born in… Continue

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Stuart MacBride Interview


Suspect: Stuart MacBride

Known Aliases: Bearded Wonderboy, Stuart MacBeard, Crime Write-ist

Occupation: Write-ist, General Naughtiness

Last Known Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Listen in as… Continue

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Donna Moore Interview


Suspect: Donna Moore

Known Aliases: Kafka, Queen of Shoes!

Occupation: Writer, Reader, Some Scary Day Job Involving Financial Stuff

Last Known Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Join us this week as Donna talks about her Lefty Award winning P.I. spoof,… Continue

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Russel D. McLean Interview

Suspect: Russel D. McLean Known Aliases: Badgerboy, Russ-poo, Crimey Crimerson

Occupation(s): Writer, bookseller, reviewer, columnist

Last Known Location: Dundee, Scotland

Listen in as Russel spills about Crime Scene Scotland (the original and Crime Scene Scotland Review), his love of hand-selling books and his upcoming debut novel, THE GOOD SON (coming this Fall from Five Leaves). He also gives practical sporran advice for the… Continue

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Steven Torres Interview

Suspect:Steven Torres

Occupation: Writer, English professor

Known Aliases: None

Last Known Location: Ellington, CT

Listen in as Steven talks about his Precinct Puerto Rico series (see, Steven...I got it right!) and his latest effort,… Continue

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Steve Mosby Interview

Suspect: Steve Mosby Known Aliases: The Notorious B.O.M. (Boring Old Me)

Occupation: Author

Last known location: Somewhere in Leeds (that's in the U.K. for you non-Brits)

Listen in as Steve talks about his take on serial killers in The 50/50 Killer, the influence of… Continue

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David Morrell Interview

Suspect: David Morrell Known Aliases: Rambo's Daddy

Occupation: Writer

Last Known Location: Santa Fe, NM

Listen in as David talks about his most famous creation, John Rambo, the secrets of his career longevity, and his role in the International Thriller Writers (ITW) organization. He also reveals what writer he'd most like to spend an afternoon with, what crime fiction cliche needs to be retired and talks a bit about his first… Continue

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Charles Ardai Interview

Suspect: Charles Ardai

Known aliases: Richard Aleas, Charles Gordon Lemuel Cork, and a bunch of other ones I don't know him - he's shifty!

Occupation: Author, Editor for Hard Case Crime

Last known location: New York City, NY

In this week's show, Charles talks about his two novels (Little Girl Lost and Songs of Innocence, why Las Vegas can be a cool place to write, and why "Schizophrenia Can Be Fun"… Continue

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Christa Faust Interview

Suspect: Christa Faust

Known aliases: Faust Fatale

Occupation: Author

Last known location: Los Angeles, CA

In this week's show, Christa Faust talks about her latest book,… Continue

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Zoë Sharp Interview

Suspect: Zoë Sharp

Known Aliases: Ummm...can't think of any

Occupation: Thriller writer, Freelance photographer, world traveler, motorcycle maven

Last Known Location: Lake District, England

Listen in as Zoë talks about her… Continue

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Ken Bruen Interview

Suspect: Ken Bruen

Known Aliases: Benign Thug, the Pope of Galway

Occupation: Reigning King of Irish noir/hard-boiled crime fiction (that's a writer to you...)

Last Known Location: Galway, Ireland

Listen in as Ken talks about his Jack Taylor series (and how Inspector Brant

is… Continue

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Kris Neri Interview

Suspect: Kris Neri

Known Aliases: Hmm, can't think of a single one!

Occupation: Author, Writing Instructor, Independent Bookstore Owner

Last Known Location: Sedona, Arizona

Listen in as…

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Ruth & Jon Jordan Interview

Suspect(s): Ruth and Jon Jordan

Known Aliases: #1 Crime Fic Fans, Mr. & Mrs. "Killer" Crimespree (okay, I totally made those up...get over it)

Occupation: Bouchercon Fanatics, Crimespree Magazine… Continue

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Maddy Van Hertbruggen Interview

Suspect: Maddy Van Hertbruggen

Known Aliases: Her Royal Maddness, The Maddinator

Occupation: Mystery addict - avid reader, owner/co-founder of 4MA list serve, book

reviewer (plus one of those day job things to feed the addiction)

Location: Somewhere Deep in the Heart of Texas

This week we talk with hard-core mystery addict, Maddy Van Hertbruggen. Listen… Continue

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Seth Harwood Interview

Suspect: Seth Harwood

Age: Yeah, okay, I dunno

Occupation: Writer, Podcaster, Creative Writing college prof.

Last known location: Bezerkley, er, Berkley, CA

In this week's episode,…


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