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In for Questioning - Anne Frasier Interview

Suspect: Anne Frasier

Age: I should really just skip this one, shouldn't I?

Occupation: Author

Last known location: Minneapolis, MN

In this week's episode, we talk with Anne about…


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Help, I've fallen...

Behind in posting podcasty goodness, that is. After booting the techie gremlins out and switching podcast hosting sites, In For Questioning is

still churning out interviews with cool crime fic peeps.

Suspect: James Oswald

Age: Doesn't really… Continue

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In for Questioning - Stephen Blackmoore

Suspect: Stephen Blackmoore

Age: Unknown - hey, not all the undead remember their death-days!

Occupation: Avid reader, writer, and some weird computer-related thing called "a day job."

Last known location: Lost somewhere in La-La Land, CA

You can listen to this podcast with… Continue

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