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Cover designs: whose vision is best?

I've always been baffled by the way that album covers are the same all over the world - because artists naturally want to project the same, consistent image - but book covers change in every territory, because publishers believe that only they know what works in their market.

I think that's nuts. Seems like an incredible waste of effort and it harms authors' ability to create their own personal brand. BUT ... it does have the advantage for a writer that tyou get to see how lots of… Continue

Added by Tom Cain on May 26, 2007 at 8:46pm — 4 Comments

Standing on the verge ...

Okay, here’s my first entry … and it’s a long one! It’s basically like one of those ‘previously, on 24’ catch-up sequences. Once it’s out of the way, the next entries will be wa-a-ay shorter, I promise. So …

How many unpublished manuscripts does that average wannabe author have stuck in his or her hard-drive? Me, I’ve got at least six that I can think of – there are probably more, but I can’t face the shame of actually diving into the disk and counting. Still, it only takes a… Continue

Added by Tom Cain on May 24, 2007 at 10:12pm — No Comments

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