10 Reasons to Read: "Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club"

I have a special feeling about this latest crime humor caper in the Maynard Soloman/Funny Detective Stories series. Or it's just the jitters from all this coffee. Tell me what you think after reading these 10 reasons to check out, Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club. Soon to be available at e-retailers near you.


1) It's inspired by true events. Two true events, actually. Which parts in the short story are "true" and which are not? It could be the bus ride. Or the train ride. Or the strip club. Or none of those. You'll have to decide for yourself.


2) It's also inspired by Joseph Conrad's classic, Heart of Darkness. Maynard must navigate the perilous "rivers" of public transportation to get to a strip club, where a missing college student may have "gone native."


3) This is the first Maynard story to feature a dedication. It says, "For Maynard readers Jack and Meredith. Your keen observations of modern life’s headaches provided the inspiration for this story."


4) If you have some of your own "observations," feel free to post them on Maynard's personal facebook page here. You never know what might happen.


5) Every Maynard short deals with some sort of current events issue. The Ol' Badger has taken on the War on Drugs, Social Security, illegal immigration, the existence of Santa Claus and gay marriage. This time around, the target is public transportation.


6) If you've ever taken the bus or train in a big city, you will appreciate Maynard's experiences riding on them. Simply put, he's not cut out for the things he finds there.


7) Every Maynard story comes with a bonus feature. It's usually a short list or guide on how to live your life more like the Ol' Badger. This time, he offers his "Guide for Tipping." If you've ever worked for tips, you'll get a kick out of this guide.


8 ) You'll also learn how to conduct yourself in strip clubs. Example: Instead of being conned by the two-drink minimum, just order two waters.


9) The cover has the outline of a stripper on it. This can only mean the contents are of high quality. Can you see it? Start with the boob shadow on the lower right and go from there. Or just compare the cover to a set of novelty mud flaps.


10) It features another crusty Maynard invention, "hot 'nard tea." What does this bizarre beverage contain? You'll have to read to find out.


Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club will be released very soon. Stay tuned!

P.S. Catch up with the first five short stories in this collection, 5 Funny Detective Stories - A Maynard Soloman Collection. It's available here exclusively at Amazon.


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