A post that may have been more relevant/topical 3 and a half months ago, but my blog, my rules so there. I'm running late!

I read over 100 books of varying quality last year, about a dozen short of my target, but big deal. I'll just have to read more this year.

Scrolling back through the list there were a few highlights and contenders for my favourite book of the year.

Dietrich Kalteis - The Deadbeat Club (2015)

Nicholas Searle - The Good Liar (2015)

Garry Disher - The Heat (2015)

Max Allan Collins - Quarry's List (1976)

Malcolm Mackay - The Sudden Arrival of Violence (2014)

Douglas Skelton - Open Wounds (2016)

Robin Yocum - A Brilliant Death (2016)

Douglas Skelton - Blood City (2013)

Frederic Dard - Bird in a Cage (1961)

Nick Triplow - Frank's Wild Years (2012)

Jim Fusilli - Road to Nowhere (The Good Samaritan Book 1) (2011)

Parnell Hall - Detective (1987)

A dirty dozen - 3 from Scotland, 2 from England, 1 French, 1 Canadian, 1 Australian and 4 from the US of A.

A novel about drugs and gangs, a conman, a couple of professional heisters, a Glaswegian hitman, a couple of college kids dabbling in the disappearance of a parent, two books with a tired mid-level Scottish enforcer, a French farce with a far from comedic outcome for our protagonist, a retired has-been or never-was still breathing and raising his head out of the bottle for one last fight, a Jack Reacher loner type sticking his nose in and a PI finally investigating a case.

All great books, all recommended, all books I'd happily re-read again. And seeing as I still have to pen a few thoughts on four of them I may have to!

No overall selection for a single book of the year - they're all winning reads!    

PS - Nice to see that arranging multiple pictures on Blogger is so simple!

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