I provide a "real reader review." I call it this, because that is what I am, a real reader. I represent the average book lover that these books are being marketed too. The ones that are on a first name basis at their local library. It is, for this reason, my opinions should be considered. When looking for "real reviews," I never found a single one. Not once did I read on a website, a book cover, nor on any of the ads for the book - what a real reader had to say. What did people like me really think about this book? Now, it is impressive to have the Washington Post, and NY Times listed on your book cover. Many books are reviewed by a select group of reviewers. Of course, you want your work on that list as well. But, what I wanted to know, as the one buying the book, was what the everyday reader like me thought. A quote from the "Mother & wife, soccer coach, etc., from small town America." That would get my attention. Because if that wife and Mother, that lives on a budget, juggles ten things at one time, & has very little free time for herself, recommends purchasing this book.........There's a very good chance that is exactly what I would do! But that quote or blurb wasn't anywhere to be found! I decided that I would be the one to provide it. I would be the wife and Mother that read the book and gave an honest opinion. Here I am!
Wondering what to read?RJ xx

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