... and sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to keep all the plates spinning in the air.

A bunch of stuff is ganging up on me. I can't believe I had a day off -- where did the time go?

I'm trying to help some writers organize a contest, I want to prep a book for submission, I'd like to review 4 other books I wrote and get those prepped, and of course there's about 3 books I'd like to write. This doesn't take into account things I HAVE to do: get my cover art request in, work on edits for a book coming out this fall, get ready for a conference coming up.

Then there's work ... real work, the one that pays the bills. And the newsletter for my local writing chapter. And my newsletter.

I usually have a very fine sense of priorities and juggle things that way, but it seems like everything is important right now. Deciding what to postpone is tough.

I'm sure it will sort itself out. But right now I feel like one of those jugglers on the old Ed Sullivan show on TV, where I race from plate to plate, trying to keep it all in the air.

If you hear a crashing noise, you'll know I dropped something.

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