Next week, hubby and I head off to Chicago to attend Luv is Murder. It will be our first time at this one. Most everyone I know thinks we are crazy to go to Chicago at this time of year--especially with the way the weather has been.

We live in California and the weather has been interesting here too. We're in the foothills and the snow was down to about 1500 feet and we live at 1000--so the hills were covered and we could see the snow on the mountains beyond. Supposed to rain tonight which will undoubtedly mean more snow.

Our son is a truck driver and came home--now he's stuck here because he can't get over the grade back to Southern California--it's closed because of the snow. Highway 5 is the major artery between Central and Southern California. When it snows the highway is closed and stays closed until it begins to melt.

I'm hoping for a major change in the weather by the middle of next week before we have to head to the airport. H'mmm, this started out to be about Luv is Murder and I digressed about the weather.

Author and friend Mary Welk suggested we try this conference. Looking at the list of attendees there are quite a few of our friends who are brave enough to go to Chicago in February.


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