The Magician and the Fool by Barth Anderson "THE MAGICIAN AND THE FOOL is thoroughly enjoyable, and imbued with a rich sense of wonder. What starts out as a juggernaut thriller subtly and skillfully turns into study of magic in the modern world."

The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson "If Jim Thompson were alive today he'd want to write a novel like this.

Arkansas by John Brandon "Arkansas is a strong debut novel by John Brandon coming from the never dull and always interesting McSweeney's with complex characters whose multiple facets contain conflicting sides of their personalities that come together to in the telling of a wonderful book. The use of language in Arkansas is precise, intricate, heady and approaches brilliance at times. Brandon is a talent to watch."

Kockroach by Tyler Knox "Kockroach is a problematic book."

Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow "Sharp Teeth. Wow!"

The Cold Spot by Tom Piccirilli "An engaging, action-packed tale that manages to both give you hope and break your heart. Piccirilli is a master storyteller, able to effortlessly entertain while probing deeper questions about whether people can ever truly change, and Chase is an engaging character I look forward to spending more time with."


Here we discuss Richard Morgan's article

What authors did you discover in 2008

Tell us about what short stories you have read

At Central Booking

Lie Detector: Tom Piccirilli, Craig McDonald

Solitary Confinement: Seth Harwood, John Rickards, Allan Guthrie & Declan Burke

Death Row: Declan Burke; Jack Getze prepares for the end, Seth Harwood compares notes with his protagonist, Jack Palms; Tom Piccirilli gives the scoop on how he and his THE COLD SPOT prot...; Allan Guthrie's PEARCE shares how he'd spend his final moments and we get to hear how Anne Frasier would spend her final hours.

Video Surveillance: Savage Night, White Riot & Head Games

Please stop by and comment on any of these if you like. If you disagree with any of the reviews then let us know because honest discussion of books will only make the genre better. If you don't like any of the forum topics then come and start another.

--Thanks from MBS

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Comment by Bernd Kochanowski on May 6, 2008 at 7:56am

I really like your reviews and in the case of "The Open Curtain" I fully agree. It is a very good book (the best of the nominees in the Edgar Best Paperback category 2007). It describes a descent into hell, is daring and furious.

All the best


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