That most recent fair was the Philadelphia Book Festival. Saturday was a good book signing day, despite the pollen that had me sneezing thru an itchy nose all day. Sunday brought a downpour that caused us to leave a bit early. But the trip was super anyway, because my lovely wife Dee and I got to spend some time with my frat brother Marc and his charming wife Pat. They were perfect hosts so even though Philly wasn’t the perfect book signing opportunity, we’ll be looking for an excuse to return.

My other news is that I had the opportunity to do an interview with Fairfax County Library Director Sam Clay on BookCast. BookCast is the podcast of the Fairfax County Public Library, which is located in the largest Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. More than a million people live in my county, and most of them use the library. Sam is an excellent interviewer who asked the questions readers would ask if they got the chance. That interview is now posted as a podcast on the Library's Web site. It’s an easy way to learn a lot more about me and my books

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