"Ladykiller is a fast, thrilling read!" -- Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine

"I absolutely loved Ladykiller. Excellent writers, kept you wanting to pick up the book every moment you had time to read. The book will definitely be recommended to my bookclubs and anyone else I have a chance to tell." -- Barbara Liss, BookClubs

"Ladykiller is addictive, intense, and not for the faint of heart." -- Armchair Interviews

"I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a fast-paced, gritty and harsh crime novel with well-developed characters and a gripping story line. This book delivers." -- ReaderViews

"I love a book that immerses me deeply in the storyline and then surprises me at the end -- and this one did both! Husband and wife Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony make an excellent writing team. This compelling crime novel is a first-rate reading experience." -- FreshFiction

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Comment by Ailene Yasmin on March 25, 2008 at 8:06pm
*Claps* How terrific! There's nothing like your talent being validated by the masses. Kudos to you!

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