I have an unusually busy weekend coming up, but busy in a very good way with lots of chances to meet and greet readers in Maryland and Virginia.

It all starts tomorrow when go to meet travelers at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. The busy time is from 3 pm to 7 pm, and that’s when I’ll be there signing my novels. If you happen to be flying into or out of the area, look for me at the airport Borders store.

Saturday I’ll meet new friends at one of the Books-A-Million stores in Alexandria, VA. That signing is from noon to 4 pm. Even though I used to live in Alexandria I’ve never signed books there so this will be extra fun. Make sure you come to the right store. It’s the one at 6230 N. Kings Highway.

Then Sunday I return to familiar ground at the Borders store in Dulles Town Center. The mall is at 21100 Dulles Town Circle in Dulles VA. I’ll be there for the after church crowd, from 1 pm to 4 pm. Come by and say hi, and get a signed novel.

And if you forget, don’t worry… I’ll remind you again.

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