I have just returned from giving a talk to a local reading circle. It was their fourth anniversary of meeting and they wanted to mark it with the visit of a 'live' author. Think I qualify on those grounds - though sometimes I'm not so sure about the 'live' bit. They were a lovely and lively group of women (sadly their only male member had recently left to go into a nursing home). It was a pleasure to meet them all. I talked about how I write and read the prologue of In For The Kill before I signed copies of my books. Many of them had read some of my novels and had enjoyed them, which obviously delighted me. And many had husbands, sons and grandchildren who had also read and enjoyed my novels, which is great. I don't think they were just being kind! They presented me with some lovely flowers as a 'thank you'. We discussed a topic that is being debated here on crimespace which is that of POV. The concensus seemed to be that they didn't enjoy a novel that skipped between too many points of view but other than that didn't mind whether it was third or first person just as long as the story was good.

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