My "real" blog is at if you want to find out more about me and what's happening in my writing life, but here's some information about three online interviews with me that have been posted in the last two months, if you're interested. Enjoy!

Marta Stephens recently interviewed me and posted the result on her blog, "Murder by 4", Friday. She got me talking about my new book, TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET, that will be released in May, 2009, so stop by for a sneak preview! Here's the link:

Lorie Ham interviewed me for her "No Name Cafe" over a year ago, and she finally posted it six or seven weeks ago. I think Lorie had quite a backlog of interviews and was stringing out the posting of them, which was fine with me. Lorie got me talking about other genres I've tried to write besides mysteries, my favorite acceptance stories, themes in my writing, and advice to aspiring authors, among other topics. Reading over the interview, just about everything there is still timely and right on, except my children are a year older. Here's the link:

The last interview was posted about three weeks ago on Suspense Magazine's website and was conducted by John Raab with me in July. He got me talking about my biggest inspiration, what kind of music I enjoy, and what I like to do for fun, among other topics. You'll probably be surprised by my answer to the question, "If you could solve any mystery for yourself, what would it be?" ;) Here's the link:

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