I'm back after a week in Brescia, where I attended "A qualcuno piace giallo" (Some like it yellow - giallo, i.e. yellow, is the italian word for crime, due to the color of the covers of the first crime paperbacks published by Mondadori). Met several foreign authors: Petros Markaris, Juan Gomez Jurado, Jed Rubenfeld, Veit Heinichen. Plenty of italian writers, of course. Giallo (and noir, and thriller) is amazingly popular here - it has been so in the last ten years and it looks like this trend will last for a long time still.

The event in Brescia - a formerly roman town, close to Milan, very rich and industrialized today - is becoming the most popular in Italy for crime authors, the best organized indeed - and a lot of readers taking part too. All of them wanted to meet their favourite authors and have copies of the book signed. This year's edition was dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, so movies were shown every night featuring the popular Baker Street's detective.

So if you're an author, you're
(or would like to be) published in Italy, let's keep in touch... You might be in Brescia next year :)

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