memes, the answer questions about yourself kind...

When the lists of questions about likes and dislikes started showing up in my e-mail inboxes several years ago, I was instantly hooked. Back then, you only got them from friends – and the occasional friend-of-a-friend who had hit the Reply All button. More recently, they're likely to be found online in people's webpages and blogs. Since starting my TypePad blog 8-1/2 months ago, I've posted five.

The first I got from Laura Lippman's The Memory Project last August, the second was a holiday edition at the end of last year, the third came via a friend's mother's e-mail inbox, the fourth was from Woodstock's Blog, and the last was a brand new one a friend and I created so his kids could have one to answer.

If anyone is looking for a time-gobbler (or if you want to know 'stuff' about me), here's my meme index page on that blog.

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