Recently the name of the late British author Dorothy Dunnett appeared on two of the lists where I hang out. I had never heard of her (and thought Dunnett a great pseudonym as in "the butler done it," but that is her real name) and choose her final book as my introduction. I selected it because it was about Johnson Johnson, a portrait painter, as was Dunnett, and because it was set in Morocco. I have never been there but I did live two years in another part of the Middle East.

I learned nothing I did not know all ready about portrait painting. Painting appeared very briefly. The descriptions of Morocco were the way I remember the places I visited which is why I finished the book. (I am one of those awful people who can stop reading on any page and never think of the book again.)

Dunnett is a masterful writer and moves easily from one scene to another, from one subject to another. However, I found SEND A FAX TO THE KASBAH (orignally published as Moroccan Traffic) to have one of the strangest structures I have encountered. The story cycles between very exciting race scenes across the country with deadly dull discussions of corporate takeovers and finances. This would make a great chase movie if all the corporate stuff were cut out.

My copy is an ex-library book and the spine is damaged so I cannot place it at where I trade those books I don't want to keep. The book is clean and all the pages together and has lots of reading time left on it. I will send it to the first person who says they want it in a private message with mailing address.


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