The ‘WHAT IF’ Game

For whatever reason, I’ve seen a lot of blogging this week on Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. Dan’s book crossed a line from fiction into religion, a pretty sacred topic, pun intended. So it got me thinking (which is always dangerous).

WHAT IF religion crossed paths with the Internet? Hummmm…

1.) WHAT IF God blogged on MySpace? Would she have more friends than Barack Obama?

2.) WHAT IF Buddha had a MySpace blog? Would his transcendental web design be better than God's? How would we know?

3.) WHAT IF the Bible was translated into text message? Who would read it?

(An eye for an eye would translate to – I 4N I - Think about it.)

I’m sure you can come up with many other examples. The ‘WHAT IF’ game doesn’t have to be about religion. Pose a ‘WHAT IF’ that stands out for you. I’m listening…

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Comment by Jordan Dane on May 23, 2007 at 5:17am
You hanging with the Lord again, Dennis? Impressive...

And who is Satin? The stripper?
Comment by Dennis Leppanen on May 23, 2007 at 2:52am
I'm pretty naive about religion.

With soap baptism is a good thing.

What if my partner Lenny found religion??

There were more important things than staying honest. I was convincing myself when Lenny burst through the office door. He had been at a meet with his new guru.

"I have very good, exciting news!"

"What is it?" Lenny's excitement was always a scary thing.

"I am the Messiah---the Chosen One, the Apha-Omega, the True Son..."

"Oh, Jesus..."

"Precisely, him too. Oh, I'm shocked, too. This is a big responsibility, I will be doing hand-to-hand with Satin, I..."

"Lenny, listen up a minute---Howard Stanford is dead, took two in the chest. Bled all over the new imported rug..."

"Howard Stanford---Jesus."


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