Just what I needed: yet another place to blog!
My days are becoming so full of various on-line duties that I'll end up with no time left to write. But I have to admit thta blogging is fun and it's a great way to let off steam after life's little annoyances, like my airline flight last week (see my blog at www.theladykillers.typepad.com).

Yes, I already have a regular blogging gig with some writer friends. We're called The Ladykillers and you can find us at www.theladykillers.typepead.com. There are five of us: Lyn Hamilton, Jane Finnis, Mary Anna Evans, Cara Black and me. We all write about long ago and far away so we have a lot in common to discuss about travel and research, as well as the mystery world in general.

Right now I'm just back from some crazy coast to coast hopping: to New York for the Edgars, where I presented an award with Harlan Coben and stood beside Al Roker (how cool is that?), then back to West Coast and down to LA for the LA Times Festival of Books, then home, then two days later to DC for Malice, then drive to Pittsburgh for the Oakmont Festival of Mystery then back to DC , then home, then two days later drive to Ashland OR for a mystery presentation there.
Whoever said a writer's life is a solitary one doesn't know much about today's writer.

Do stop by and let me know what you think of our blog, our books etc.


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