SKIN RIVER (Crime Thriller – Wisconsin-Cont.) – Okay Steven Sidor – 1st book
St. Martin’s Minatour, 2004 – Hardcover

Buddy Bayes, a man trying to get away from his past with the Chicago underworld, is trying to lead a quite life in small-town Wisconsin. But when women start disappearing, he becomes a suspect, people around him are attacked and his former crime partner is after him, he goes from trying to get by to trying to survive.

Maybe I’ve just hit my limit of the anti-hero, and I freely state that I need to feel an affinity to the characters to really like a book. I know others have really liked this book, but I found myself reading to get to the end, particularly as you know, fairly early on, who is the killer. In fact, I felt more emphasis was spent building his characters than the protagonist. On the plus, it is well written and suspenseful, but I’m going back to books where there are protagonists I like and maybe even have qualities I can admire.

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